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GBU game review for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360

Coming out in 2006, seems so long ago, but really only 3 years, this gem still stands as one, or depending on who you talk to at the best RPG for the Xbox360. The game is a continuation of a long history within the Elder Scrolls series hence the IV. Most people call it Oblivion though.

Good: The first thing that jumps out at you (especially to newcomers of the Xbox Hd experience) is the depth of graphics. You can visually stand on top of a mountain and see the Main Castle off in the distance and wonderfully detailed. Apart from say Halo’s Rings, this hasen’t really been present in a game. The tree are lush, bushes, bushy, and rocks. Well. Hard? I’m kidding, they look great. The story is a open ended one where you can choose to the Main Chain or any number of the side chains. The game is essentially broken into 6 Main Stories. 4 “guild” stories, the Main Chain and the Chain that comes from the arena. The guild stories consister of the Warriors Guild, The Dark Brotherhood, The Theives Guild and the Mages Guild. I made a beeline for the mages. What makes these so great and what World of Warcraft should introduce for their classes is a set of quests specific to these Guilds. For example the Warriors Guild has you battling People who are holding up trade for a Town and The Dark Brotherhood involves killing Vampires. The arena quest chain is a series of quests battling champions of the Kingdom. All this occurs and gives your character armor and rewards that also give XP to level. Leveling up is a bit similar but also different from the other 500 pound Gorilla. You level up based on doing actions. If you run a lot, you gain running skills. Swimming, jumping, attacking. You name it. There are also points you can dump into any one of you skills like Strength or Mana. Think of a jazzed up Fallout 3. All of that combined means you can turn your character into any type of witchalock you want. I was a warrior mage that could also heal. Call me Never Dies.

Bad: I’ve heard complaints about the bad voice acting or reused voice acting. You’ll notice it right away, and any gamer knows why this occurs. Audio takes up insane amounts of space and on a disk there is a finite amount of data available. So just deal with it. So what if they use the same voice acting? For all the character creation options there seems to be a certain set of facial features for NPC’s. You’d think there would be more variation but it’s not awful. As you create your own Character you’ll be given an amazing set of tools to create one from a mix of races and sex’s.

Ugly: None. I’m not lieing. This game Is pretty fantastic go buy it.

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