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Dexter Season 4 Trailer

At the Comic Con,the trailer for the 4th season of the TV show dexter was shown. Of course I’m going ga-ga (couldn’t help my self) over the season. There’s a loose tie in to the books which I’m enjoying however the show does tread into it’s own area in many ways. Anyways, the trailer has me excited to see how they pull off Daddy Dexter but not so much on the total reveal of the Trinity Killer storyline. They probably didn’t need to show John Lithgow as the killer already. And as always, you cant help but feel sorry for Rita.

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Call of the Crusader Video

Blizzard has released patch 3.2 today to all the addicts (yes myself included). The video is not as impressive as the Ulduar Video released a few months ago but it’s impressive none the less. There’s lots of In Game footage, or “Gameplay” for those keyword searches.

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Patch 3.2 Today

Blizzard has announced that patch 3.2 is releasing today. I suppouse I could do a massive write up on the changes or talk about it but The biggest things to note are:

New Druid Forms
Isle of Conquest
New Heirloom Items
More Mounts (huzzah!)
Trial of the Champion a new 5 man dungeon
and a raid I don’t care about (yet, possibly ever)

You can find the full list of patch notes here!

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GBU game review for Mirror’s Edge (Xbox360)

This jawny jawn came out last fall, during the time when alot of big hits try to cram through the market at once, though not all of them sell well, probably explains why so many ‘hits’ from this fall have been delayed till early next year. Anywayz, this is one that didn’t sell well, it was also available on PS3, and later on PC.

The Good – Original first person experience that introduces gamers to parkour. The game is set in the future, where life is on a corporate stronghold, you’re a sort of an ‘underground’ courier. Introduces a visceral feel in it’s 1st person view, as you run and jump across rooftops, swing off pipes, cranes, etc., all while being chased by 5-0 at times, can be damn exhilarating. Some areas you need to get through become essentially puzzles that can be challenging and fun. Graphics have a clean, brightly colored style, but limited in palette as to highlight where you should probably go. Audio is ambient as you hear the wind blow from the rooftops, the hustle and bustle down on the streets…and the sound of your character Faith‘s feet pitter pattering and her breathing as you jump and dodge add to the exhilaration.

The Bad – This game is NOT, I repeat, NOT a first person shooter….yet you can take guns from the officers, and when you do, not only are you limited in ammo, but control as well, seeing that your character is a gymnast and not a soldier. It’s pretty obvious the developers meant for you to not shoot, since there’s even an achievement for going through the game without doing so. I say, why give me that option if it’s going to be purposely, poorly implemented. There’s a weapon take down move that’s helpful if you just want to incapacitate the enemy so you can move on more easily(sometimes required), problem is that it’s timing based….and you know what? It simply doesn’t work right half the time, trust me, when you do a section 20x, you’ll know if it’s yourself, or just the controls not being tight enough.

The Ugly – How I almost threw my controller across the room cuz of the next to last level, the take down controls got that frustrating.

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