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What about my family?! – Harrison Ford montage

Harrison Ford is a family man. Who can argue with that?

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Lego Spinal Tap! These go to 11…

These are SO GOOD! Two of the best scenes in This is Spinal Tap, done in Lego stop-motion.

Nigel’s guitar room:

And, my all-time favorite scene of the film… Nigel’s “Mach” piece:

Well done.

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Lost University

As any fan of the TV show Lost knows, remembering certain events and then pieceing them together is a bit of a course in ….frustration? Futility? I remember season 3, fearing the show would go the route of Alias and totally jump the shark, almost coming to a point where I stopped watching it. Paulo? Nikki? REALLY? Everyone also knows how there are teasers out there, the Lost Expierence, for really dedicated fans. Of course it’s mostly all non-cannon (some raging lost fan please prove me wrong). So it seems ABC drummed up another experience for the lositie’s, Lost University. The site is quite cute, and done it to be similar to a site design we did here at ecity promoting the new College Student Experience. Because we all want to live through THAT again. Ugh. Anyways, it’s neat, as I’ve said on our Podcast, this is a great age for television. Finally the big giants had to get with the times due to the proliferation of the content the other channels provide.

/fanboi over

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GBU game review for Mothership Zeta [Fallout 3 DLC] (Xbox360)

I spent a chill saturday afternoon taking care of the last of the Fallout 3 DLC(according to Bethesda, but again, they say never say never). If I gotta place this on a quality scale, here goes, best on top of course…
1. Broken Steel
2. Point Lookout
3. tie-The Pitt/Mothership Zeta
4. Operation Anchorage
…I played through it on the Xbox360, it’s also available on PC, and somewhere down the line it’ll be on the PS3…anyways, here’s my thoughts.

The Good – As usual, I’m happy with any DLC in the Fallout 3 universe that shows me some new surroundings, in this case, on board an alien spacecraft. You get to meet up with some new characters from different places in time that were abducted just like you. Audio logs strewn about the ship offer an interesting perspective on what your alien enemies really want, sometimes with hilarious results. You get access to a nice little group of alien weapons that are fairly powerful, and there’s plenty of drops on those as well. New aid items like alien biogel that can be modified so you’re patched up with 150HP(!), even better alien epoxy, repairs whatever weapon you have equipped(I haven’t tried it on earth weapons though). Some of the aliens offer a little challenge to take down, which is nice, especially when you’re at level 30. Some of the objectives are pretty cool and unique, like walking on the outside of the ship, and deathrays(!). You can return back to the ship anytime after you’re done, in case you wanna pick up whatever you left behind. Overall, if you’re a Fallout 3 crackhead like me, it’s worth having, taking my quality scale into account of course.

The Bad – The quest line is pretty linear…and a bit repetitive at times. As usual a bit short, it took me about 5 hrs, sure that’s not bad on the gameplay value scale, but on the Fallout 3 scale….maybe I’m just spoiled by the regular game :). There’s not much variety to the enemies, aliens, aliens with helmets, aliens with shields (ho hum).

The Ugly – The voice acting of the little girl you meet up with, she’s like a bad anime voice….you know, older person trying to sound young, that’s just weird to me.

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