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Couple of days ago I was browsing online for a new free app for my phone.  Cause im cheap like that and I don’t really want to pay 4 bucks a month to be able to listen to songs online or 3.50 to immediately recognize those songs and have it download the song for me the next time i load my iphone to my itunes.  Not that I have an iPhone although I wanted one.  Just couldn’t get past the price.  So I was browsing for a nice little calander app that I could synch with some online things I have going on to be able to access them from my phone.  So I accidentally hit last page, and BOOM fate would have it that Zelda was on the last page.  So free download BONUS i ended up grabbing it to check it out later.   

Good:  This is the ultimate of nostalgia on your phone.  I have seen pac-man and asteroids on the phones but ZELDA!  Come on man who didn’t love that freaking game.  Now I have it on my FREAKING PHONE!  Awesome.  The graphics are about par to the original graphics and its the same basic gameplay.  Some of the functionality and dungeons arent there yet cause the game isnt totally finished.  But it is the zelda you remember same exact layout and same characters.  Its great.

Bad: The gameplay is great but the controls are not really easy to get used to although once everything is set up and working correctly for you its wonderful to play. 

Ugly: Ehh some of it isnt finished and its a bit rough to play in some areas and its not exactly the game i remember but hopefully once i pull up the old console and wipe out the zelda I will hopefully be impressed by the cellphone port.

August 13, 2009 - Posted by | Good Bad and the Ugly - Game Reviews, Normal Stuffs

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