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Elder Scrolls MMO instead of Elder Scrolls 5?

Joystiq reported on a quote by Bethesda’s Todd Howard during a speech at Quakecon, “We are working on our next big game but we are not talking about it.” Don’t look for a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future; Howard said there are no current plans for an “Elder Scrolls 5.” As far as an Elder Scrolls based MMO, he said in jest, “There’s always a chance.”  We’re huge Bethesda fans ’round these parts, especially of Oblivion(Elders Scrolls 4), but myself personally, am not big on the MMO persuasion….and if I were serious about getting into one, I’d probably be jumping on that WOW train, but that’s just me.

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  1. yeah, i’d say this is about 4-5 years too late. Obvlivion is like wow, but single player anyways. I’m just getting over the whole lets make a mmo because wow was successful. How many other mmo’s have come out and been successful? Lotro, but that’s lord of the ring which will make money based on name alone. Warhammer? Who knows.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | August 17, 2009

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