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StarCraft 2 Old Rivals Trailer

Oh What the hell. This is amazing. Really. Blizzard is insanely good with their trailers. And this one for Starcraft 2 is NO DIFFERENT. Just watch this trailer and die slowly in your seat like me.

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Diablo 3 Previews

It appears the guys over at 1up and Kotaku got their chance to get a hold of the Diablo 3 demo!

Thankfully Garnet Lee was given the chance to play for 1up and he choose the wizard. While Kotaku selected the Barbarian. Here’s a quick summing of of the Barbarian experience.

“We were also equipped with two Barbarian skills, Ground Stomp and Battle Cry. The former was hot-keyed to the “2” and, when enabled, stunned everything around the Barbarian. Helpful, when Fallen are surrounding you and Fallen Shamen are tossing fireballs your way. The Battle Cry, on the “1” key, increased our armor class temporarily. If we were playing a multiplayer game, that Battle Cry effect would have been passed on to our party members. But we were doing this quest solo.

The Barbarian’s other skill, Cleaver, was mapped to the right mouse button. Click on it, and our lady brute did a two handed attack on two enemies at once, as long as they were side-by-side. Again, handy when surrounded by Fallen and Sand Wasps. Those Sand Wasps really suck, by the way, ejecting a quartet of mini-Wasps at our hero. Nasty.”

while 1up had this to say about the Wizard Class

“The demo area turned me loose into the desert region Alcarnus. Starting from an outpost, the primary quest was to travel over to Lut Bahadur. After a brief walk through wind-worn ravines, the scene opened up into a sprawling desert with no shortage of enemies who weren’t too please to see me there. Almost immediately, the “Diablo-ness” of this sequel came out. Over-excited by the moment, I charged into the first group of enemies and wound up dead quite quickly. Remembering how to play, I was able to settle into a rewarding tactic of luring a few foes out, freezing them in place with frost nova, moving back and blasting them with arcane orb, and finally mopping up the remainders with the more powerful spectral blade”

I’m 100% sure I’ll try out ALL of the classes. Oh and thank god they’re making Male and Female versions. Diablo 2 sucks in that regard.

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Fable III Announced

Hooray for teasers and videogame events I don’t know about(how’d that happen?), straight from Gamescom ’09, the Fable III teaser.

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