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Listening to the WoW Panel.

Deathwing will be the New Big Boss
He’s the reason Azeroth is torn apart.
The elemental planes are loose, after having been locked up, are released. Ragnaros being one.
Worgen and Goblins are the new race.

Worgen: Alliance. Gilneas. warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, death knight, mage, warlock, druid.

Customizations: fur color, face model, hair (or mane if you prefer), hair color, and one customization option that doesn’t yet change anything. All colors are gray and blue tones, with dark, rainy, gothic scene in the background.

The Worgen were first unleashed upon the Eastern Kingdoms by Archmage Arugal during the Third War. Primarily used as a weapon against the Scourge, the beasts soon proved to be a burden greater than the humans of Lordaeron could bear. A mysterious curse began to spread among those who fought alongside the wolf-men, causing them to become worgen themselves. The curse rapidly spread as it reached Gilneas, trapping its inhabitants behind the very walls built to protect them. The survivors of the curse now seek to find a new fate for their people — their destiny unwritten.

Two Forms, instant, 1.5 sec cooldown, Turn into your currently inactive form.
Darkflight, instant, 3 min cooldown, activates your true form increasing movement speed by 70% for 10 sec
Viciousness, passive, increases all damage done by 1%.
Flayer, passive, skinning skill increased by 15 and allows you to skin faster.

Worgen starting zone begins with your character chained up and Royal Chemist Krennan Aranas promising to help find you a cure. “I’m not giving up on you, . I don’t have a cure for the Curse yet… but there are treatments. You’ll have control again.”

Classes available: warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, death knight, shaman, mage, warlock. Currently only male character models available.

Customizations: skin color (green tones), faces, hair, hair color, and one customization option that doesn’t yet change anything.

Originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan, the goblin race was forced to mine Kaja’mite ore out of the undermine, deep in the bowels of mount Kajaro. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the mineral had magical properties that caused the goblins to rapidly increase in both cunning and intelligence. Tinkering their own powerful artifacts of engineering and alchemy in secret, the goblins overthrew their troll oppressors, taking over the island that they now call home. quickly rising to prominence as masters of mercantilism, goblins and their global trade conglomerates dominate all commerce across Azeroth.

Best Deals Anywhere, always receive the best possible gold discount, regardless of faction.
Better Living Through Chemistry, Alchemy skill increased by 15.
Pack Hobgoblin, Instant, 30 minute cooldown, Calls in your personal servant, allowing you bank access for 1 min.
Rocket Barrage, 30 yd range, Instant, 2 min cooldown, Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing 30 fire damage.
Rocket Jump, instant, 2 min cooldown, activates your rocket belt to jump forward.
Time is Money, cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

Barrens is split in two. Darkshore is flooded.
New zones: Uldum, Grim Batol, the Sunken City of Vashj’ir.
More raid content” than previous expansions
A new “Wintergrasp-like zone” called Tol Barad
Archaeology, the new secondary profession, lets you “unearth valuable artifacts and earn unique rewards”
The new starting zones will be heavily phased, and will be similar to the DK starting zones
Azshara is now a low-level Horde zone connected directly to Orgrimar
Azeroth will be changed whether you buy the expansion or not

New Battleground:
Battle for Gilneas is one
3 new total battlegrounds.
Tol Barad PVP Zone
Rated Battlegrounds

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