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Well Mel Gibson IS Australian…

Yes yes, we’re Mad Max fans around these parts but this one is a little too wild to believe.  A hugedust storm is taking over parts of Sydney Australia. It’s blanketing the sky with a Red haze!

What i’m finding so amazing about this article are the user comments.

“Mick told ABC Online: “In Sydney’s south-western suburbs I’ve just woken up to a glowing red window! Thought it was Armageddon! Either that or South Korea [sic] had nuked us!”

Should this event happen anywhere in America it would be a catastrophe however in Sydney it’s SOP.  “Meanwhile, schools are still open and parents are being told to send their children to school unless they have asthma or other breathing problems.” Kids, see that omnious red sky, that roaring gush of wind and the forboding thumbing noise coming various bodies parts and even bodies heading this way saying “braaaains” Don’t worry. Unless you have asthema that is. Chop chop.


September 23, 2009 - Posted by | Normal Stuffs

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