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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo!

That’s right, thanks to IGN, we got a demo for the next MGS game on the PSP via TGS 2009…..Metal Gear junkies, like myself, check out destructoid in case you have trouble getting it to run.

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GBU Game Review for Scribblenauts (DS)

Here’s a little Nintendo DS number that was quite the industry darling, some heavy flaws are keeping it from keeping that status though. I wanna give it a 10 for it’s concept, but I gotta go with a 7 for the final execution.

The Good – Cute puzzler on the DS, when it works is quite addictive. Here’s the selling point, type in a word, as long as it’s not a copyright, vulgar or whatever, and bam, it shows up on the screen. Type in ‘low rider’, poof, there it is…..’minotaur’, there’s a monster….’god’…well, you get the idea. There are a ton of puzzles that range from simple, eg. kids are trick or treating, type in ‘candy’ and give it to them, you’ve beaten puzzle. Then there’s the ridiculously complex ones that involve doors, levers, etc….I won’t even try to describe the scenarios cuz they don’t make much sense. But it’s alot of fun…again, when things work. It’s a pretty amazing concept.

The Bad – Aww man, here we go….controls baby, when you get to the tough puzzles, they’re beyond weak. The stylus is used to move your character, type in the names of what you wanna use, drag and drop said items, etc. Now let that sink in, think of the small DS screens and all the troubles and conflicts that can arise, which do happen. Why they couldn’t just program the d-pad for movement like every other 2D game is beyond me. Your little guy is clumsy and sometimes just knocks over things you put in place when you click/drag for movement(he also auto jumps,blah), or you’ll click on the wrong thing, or….it…just…sux. While I’ve spent alot of time with the game and had a ton of fun, the harder the puzzles, the more pronounced these flaws become, which is a shame, this game deserves better.

The Ugly – The fact that this game probably won’t get the classic status that it should have cuz of it’s flaws. It’s been mentioned that it might come to other platforms, I’d love to see this on 360/PS3/PC, where I can use a keyboard for typing and a controller to move my guy and have precise movement…..I would give that a 10.

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Sony @ TGS 2009

If you anybody keeps up on the big boy game blogs like we do, yall would know that the Tokyo Game Show is going on right now. And as usual there’s some big announcements, while we probably won’t be going nuts on it the way we did for E3, there’s some cool things worth mentioning.

First, a special Final Fantasy XIII themed PS3 with a 250GB hard drive. Sure, the game is coming out for both the PS3 and Xbox360, but I think FF fans always associated the series with the Playstation brand, after FF7 of course. Shipping 12/17 in Japan, no word on if it’ll hit here stateside.

Motion Controller updates. Looks like it’s coming Spring 2010. Not only new games will be utilizing the new tech, but a bunch of older games will be patched with motion control enhancements. Games like Little Big Planet and Resident Evil 5 for example. If handled right, I think this can be a cool peripheral. While not the be all end all interface it is on the Wii, which I never thought was a good idea(and with the amount of time we put into the Wii, proves that correct), it does make for a cool option once in awhile. Not only do you have physical feedback(something that worries me about Natal), but in combination with the Playstation camera(Eye), the interface knows where you are in 3D space. It could lead to some unique gaming experiences….now let’s hope the price is right.

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God Of War Collection comes with the God Of War III demo!

Can I get a hell yeah?! Reading on joystiq, it was confirmed by Sony that the God Of War Collection will include a download voucher for the GoWIII demo they showed at E3, so Kratos’ Krackheads like myself will get a taste of the new sequel early. We reported on this a few podcasts back, it was only a rumor that the demo would come with the Collection disc, then shot down, covering their butts in case in couldn’t happen I guess, and now it’s back on for realz. Can’t wait to get the taste as well as play through the first two games again in HD glory. I almost fired up the PS2 recently, after gettin hyped watching Clash of the Gods on the History Channel, just to play my old copies. I think greek mythology is very cool, and the GoW games throw you right in the middle of these stories, so watching that program gave me the Kratos itch……but I think I can hold off till Nov. 10th, when the God Of War Collection ships. 🙂

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