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Friday Night Horror Corner SAW

SAW directed by James Wan The first of, I believe 6 films so far.  This video was a sledgehammer to the knees of old school wannabe crap horror we have been used to lately.  Saw was the first horror movie that didn’t make you afraid of the protagonist.  He wasn’t a scary superhuman entity following you around with a knife after a sorority hump festival in the woods.  The movie made you afraid of your choices, would I kill my friend to save my own life, could I be given a new life?  It made you think if you were worthy of that new life.  But that also begs the question, when you watch the movie who did you sympathize with.  Who was your anti-hero?  Did you root for the cops to find the bad guy did it make you feel bad to root for the bad guy.  Instead of trying to scare you with clowns popping out of sewers this movie scared you with your own dark inner feelings.  It made you question yourself and what you were capable of to live. 

 The immediate impact of this movie was a good frightening show with plenty of entertainment value.  The long term impact included 6 more movies and a slew of other torture horror or as its now called torture porn.  Torture porn not to be confused with actual pornography, this became a genre of horror which spawned movies from Japan and Germany.  The genre confused and confounded the horror community bringing them closer to the quality of movie they had been begging for since the early 90’s. 

 If you haven’t seen this movie yet your living under a rock and you should go see it.  Grab a bucket of beer and a can of popcorn and rent this one tonight.

 You won’t be disappointed, sleep deprived maybe but not disappointed.

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