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Reminder: GTA IV-The Ballad Of Gay Tony -it’s out

Yup, the day I’ve been waiting for as well as other Grand Theft Auto junkies. Exclusively on Xbox Live Marketplace(for $20) and bundled with “The Lost And Damned” on disc(for $40) as GTA: Episodes from Liberty City for the Xbox 360. Here’s a trailer(language a bit NSFW) introducing you to the guy you’ll be playing as, Luis Lopez….oh yeah, I got my hands on this yesterday, and I’m lovin it 🙂

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Horror Corner ZombieLand

I was hoping to be more active this month.  I was hoping to have a satisfying career and a huge plot of land with a concrete bunker stocked with weapons ammo and food by this time in my life.  Things don’t always happen like ya plan em though.  Just sometimes things happen.  So I’m going to make the best of it and plod on as always,  albeit a bit late and WAY off track.  So lets just say im undependable and we can all love me for my faults.  Let’s get back to what matters.


OK.  let me just say that as comedic as this movie really is it’s SPOT ON.  the rules to live by, the realities wrapped in humor, the relationships forged and the absoloute horrible truth of surviving in a zombie apocolypse. 

The characters are fun and likeable, and the suprise cameo while shortlived is absolutely PERFECT for this movie.  Woody is an absolute perfect match for the character and plays his role to an absolute T. 

The Zombies while not completely Romero Zombies are still mostly believable, no superhuman strength and no weird flying powers are bestowed upon them.  They are in fact the living dead.  Good old plain and fancy Zeds.

The story while not gripping does get you involved,  it makes you laugh,  and it allows you to immerse yourself.

All in all this is more of a good time fun movie than an all out comedy laugh fest, and its definately not a horror movie per sea.

Go see this movie, horror fans and stiffs alike will love this movie.  Something for everyone and blah blah blah.

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GBU Game Review for Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Xbox360, PC)

In a bit of bass ackwardsness, here’s my review to the 2nd expansion pack to Half-Life 2. One of my all time favorite first person shooters EVER. Why this one first? I just played through it for a 2nd time last week so it’s fresh in my mind. The first time was when it was released 2yrs. ago on the Xbox360, then last week on my fairly equipped PC. I’m gonna go ahead and give this one a 10, that’s right, I went there 🙂 Somewhere down the line I may review Half-Life 2 and the it’s first expansion Episode One, but this is where the game is tops, until Episode Three drops maybe. But only time will tell, especially since we’ve been waiting for it for 2yrs. now :-/

The Good – Awesome continuation of the Half-Life 2 saga. You, playing as Gordon Freeman, are put to the task of trying to save the world from the Combine. An alien race that terrorizes the human race into a concentration camp like lifestyle. The first person combat continues as you battle Combine soldiers(humans converted to do their bidding), striders, a new combine enemy, the hunter and other nasties as well such as antlions, headcrab zombies and more. Everybody (or creature) has their own tactic to be taken down with, so you’re sure to have a different experience in every section of the game. The action is incredibly thrilling, never boring, sometimes scary, and thankfully never overbearing. Puzzle sections help to break up the action, which usually has you making use of the gravity gun, something that was revolutionary in 2004 when Half-Life 2 dropped. This “weapon” lets you pick up most objects and place them down, or for fun, shoot them anywhere. In some sections you can defeat enemies just with this and whatever is laying around, this makes for some cool creative fights and definitely something new and different in the shooter world, even 5yrs. later. The story, which is strong, is uniquely told entirely through the eyes of the hero, the camera NEVER leaves his perspective, and he NEVER speaks….this is interesting in a strange way, but it 100% works. The characters on your side are likeable, they just make you give a damn, which means the voice acting is there in top form as well. Sometimes you’re paired up with an NPC(usually Alyx), which can spell annoyance in some games, but they never get in your way, always help and are never annoying. One of the last things I love about this game, unlike most shooters today, every gun that you find throughout the game, as long as there’s ammo, is at your disposal. Sure, games like Halo and Call Of Duty started the trend where you can only carry two guns at a time, and while it sets forth an interesting strategy for those types of games, almost every shooter(1st and 3rd), has copied this. Sometimes I just wanna use it all, when I want to. And oh yeah, sorry PC junkies, but the PC version lets me use my 360 controller and the controls are fully configured exactly like the 360. Guess what I used 🙂

The Bad – Pffffft….hardly….but I’ll be a little nit-picky for review’s sake……A first person shooter with no dedicated melee button? Really? I know I can use the crowbar for this function, but I have to switch to it, inconvenient if I ever ‘need’ it. In old shooter fashion, you have to “find” health, yup, nearly every shooter today has regenerating health or shields, here you have to find it when you need it, like the old days. It makes for an interesting strategy for me, but some cats may not like that. The Source Engine graphics, while still great and pleasant to the eye, are starting to show their age….in the age of Gears of Wars, Call of Dutys, and your Uncharteds, it’s true.

The Ugly – The timing of these “Episodes”. Valve was supposed to start a new era by helping to introduce us to episodic gaming. We were promised 3 episodes to continue the Half-Life 2 storyline, it was basically supposed to be Half-Life 3. They were supposed to be 6 months apart. So Episode One drops a little over a year and a half after Half-Life 2, Episode Two drops nearly a year and a half after that…..and here we are almost 2yrs. later waiting for Episode Three with no announcement in sight 😦

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God Of War Collection Trailer

Hittin’  on the ‘yeah boyeee’ tip, Sony hits us with an awesome trailer for the upcoming God Of War Collection for the PS3, the HD cleanup of God Of War 1 & 2.

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Netflix streaming finally coming to PS3

For those that care that is… the looks of it, alot of you out there really do. Me, I always thought it was a cool option when it came to the 360, but as far as actually using it….meh…I prefer to BMI my stuff, or buy the BluRays. But on the real, it’s good to see it come to other platforms, and also gives us another cool thing to do on our expensive consoles. Some info from 1up….

“The service will arrive on the Sony console next month and will be free to PS3 owners who already subscribe to Netflix (or $8.99 a month for those who don’t) — and unlike on the Xbox 360, people will not be required to pay the equivalent of the yearly $50 Xbox Live Gold membership to access it.”

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GBU game review for Left 4 Dead (360)

Left 4 Dead is a zombie survivor story. You are given 4 seperate places to escape the zombie invasion along with 3 other NPC’s. You can have the option to play locally 4 player, online co-0p or by yourself with the computer playing the other 3.

Good: The game is straight foreward in it strategy. Point, shoot and watch the aftermath. It’s extremely easy to pick up.  Trouble is. That’s the game. Literally. Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! If you played exclusivly Co-Op I know for a fact you will have a blast. Literally. =)

Bad: The AI is slightly useful for one character, with the other times your two npc friends slightly above useless. To be fair though one normally acts as a healer.  To match the NPC there are 4 types of zombies. The knuckle draggers we all know, a very large patchwork looking thing, some spiderman things, and a tank. Called I think..a tank. yeah it was that memorable for me. So..there’s a lot of variety in this game (sarcasim).

Ugly: If you payed 59.99 for this game and told me you wanted your money back because you dont play Co-Op I wouldnt argue one bit with you. If you have lots of friends or are the type who puts up with the Xbox Live Kiddie Playland then none of what I wrote applyies to you.

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GBU game review for Army Of Two (and my cat)

This game review will differ in many ways from my/our previous game reviews.  I won’t actually review this game so much as tell you what happened. And that’s not to say the game was bad and unreviewable. It’s because the last time I played this game was the last time I saw one of my best friends alive. One of my cats died sometime last night and I am currently unable to write a review of the game as this is clouding my judgement.  Please forgive me for my unorthodox review.

Good:  He was there through every up and down. He was there before many friends I’ve ever had.  He was there on a friday night when noone else was. He wanted to be with me when I was ugly and when I was beautiful.  He loved me when I was single and when I was in a relationship. He was there when I was poor and there when I was not. He listened when I recorded music even when it was good and when it was very bad.  He would sit on the sofa and watch me play my silly games, or he would join me upstairs on the computer. I would leave just enough space for him to lay down and he was always happy with that.  Every morning he would greet me in the bathroom and rub against my leg. When I was done showering he would follow me downstairs, scratch the post that only he would scratch then take up a nice lookout place for me to pet him on the way out. He would meow when he wanted the window open and loved to look outside.  He also loved going outside when I was working out. He would check out the yard first, then he would lay down and let me do my workout until I was done. Sometimes he would come over and rub against my leg and I could feel him purring.  He did not want to run away he just enjoyed being outside with me.  He did not cry loudly and repuslivly. He would simply do his one meow letting you know he needed something.  It was nice knowing how happy he got from the simple things we did together. and that is what love really is.

Bad: At 2am last night, when I put down Army of 2 I did not say goodnight to my friend. The spot he was laying on was the last spot I saw him alive. I regret not having done so.

Ugly:  One of my best friends is not with me anymore and I never got to say goodbye.


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30th Podcast!

We get together and talk some, Dead space,Call Of Duty 4, Kill Zone, GTA 4 now on Demand, The new Wow Movie, ATI winning the next gen console deal, the PS3 getting top sales for the first time….ever? Check out the 30th_podcast

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Holy Split! Beatles Abbey Road Released and I didn’t even know!

So, one of the >3< announced Beatles albums has been released. And by far and away my least liked album so you see me in the corner not giving a damn ok? That’s enough of the hate against this game , It was released on October 20th and the entire album is available to the fresh tune of 16.98 (what is this 1998 cd prices?).  At least the next two albums are going to be pretty nice, we get “Sgt Peppers” and “Rubber Soul”. No release date has been announced on those games but I’ll bet money it occurs before December 25
Rich and I talked about this on our podcast but it appears the other Beatles albums are t at best to become available for DLC.  Here’s something I stole from wikipedia. “While there is potential for the entire Beatles catalogue to be made available, such a scenario would be “stretching it a bit”, according to John Drake of Harmonix.[34] Drake identified the costly development process as a potentially prohibitive factor: “Every time we do one song, it’s not like Rock Band where we wait for the masters to come in and just author them… its like, send people to Abbey Road, use the original tape, separate them out… it costs thousands of dollars.”[68] Drake asserted that Harmonix would take sales of the currently announced albums into consideration before continuing development of downloadable content.”

Are you kidding me? I thought the albums were digitally remastered when Star Wars was raped and torn apart to the ugly beast it is now? Oh well.

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Ratchet and Clank and Trailer

So, there’s a pretty informative trailer for the new game in the Ratchet and Clank series. The developers discuss the addiction(addition) of Trophy’s and using them to unlock challenges. This is something that we’ve discussed in depth on our podcast’s as something developers can do to break down a wall between the user and developer. Here you did ALL THIS, now you get this since you obviously love the game so much. For example I play through all of oblivion I now get a new town to go do quests with. Just sayin’ Bethesda. The developers also discuss the replay factor for the game one that I didn’t think was really there (although they say fans email them about this!). So that’s pretty cool!

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Super Mario World Wedding Proposal

This is how a gamer nerd one-ups the now cliched JumboTron proposal.

From the guy’s YouTube page:

My nerdy way to propose. On October 15th 2009, it was our 5 year anniversary so i decided to propose. She may not look too surprised in the video but you should of seen her afterwords, she couldn’t sit still!!! And no it wasn’t staged, but I did sit her down told her to play some Super Mario World, but she totally didn’t know she was being recorded!!

Say it with me now, “Awwww.”

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Good Bad Ugly Game Review for Fable 2: See the Future

I’m not exactly sure about the future. I’ve seen every Back to the Future so I suppose I have some keen awareness of generic time travel principals.  You probably wont see me writing the “How to Time Travel” for Dummies, so Peter Molyneux the man we all love to hate probably wouldn’t have hired me to create the latest DLC for Fable 2.

Good: I hate to list this as a good, but I will.  We get more Fable game play  which is never a bad thing. I’m not one to change things when it works just for the sake of change.  There’s more fun storytelling and zany blu-man group characters to kill. You’ll get some new clothes to go with the clothes that you don’t wear already. You’ll also get a solid 4 hours of game play if you race through this. It took me a span of 3 days of 4 hour play session to beat this which I found very delightful. You are given the ability to reskin your puppy which is beyond adorable as I became really attached to my dog. The dungeon’s are fun and engaging. They unfold before you instead of just running from end to end killing things inbetween.

Bad:  Clothing. Whatever, I’ve mentioned this as my main beef with Fable 2.  The rehashing of the gauntlet was cool but not needed. The single biggest thing is starting out in black and white. Be prepared after playing through the vibrant colors of the normal game that it turns into this. It’s part of the story but one that really needs to be noted.

Ugly: Nothing to note.

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Super Mario Theme played on Hands

Ok, i’mma just going to let this one video fester for awhile. This has to be one of the more insane finds EVER. A video of a guy playing the Super Mario Theme on his Hands.

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Halo (ODST) Cloud over Moscow

News Outlets around the world are going stir-crazy over this ridiclous Alien looking cloud over Moscow. They call it the independence day cloud. Because you know there’s some race of beings millions of miles away, who happened to watch that awful movie years ago and said. DUDE. THAT IS THE NEW DESIGN FOR OUR SPACESHIP. WAI? WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Now if there’s anything to be learned from the Soviet Union from the Stalin to Gorbachev and their covering up of EVERYTHING I’ll always take the news with a giant grain of salt when it comes from there but they go on to report.. “A spokesman from the city’s weather forecast said: ‘Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced.’ He added: ‘This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive.”

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GBU Game Review for Dead Space (Xbox360)

A couple podcasts ago, I mentioned trying out Dead Space Extraction on the Wii all for about 10 minutes. Now we know it’s a prequel, but since I never had the time to play through the original game that came out a year ago, I figured October is as good of a month as any to have the bejeezus scared out of me. This game delivers, released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC….Raw scale sez, 9/10.

The Good – A well told story in the sci-fi/horror realm. You play as an engineer(Issac) that’s part of a team called in to see what happened on this huge mining ship that’s found an alien artifact known as the marker. This huge rock has telepathic tendencies, making people hallucinate and feel to the point of having a group make a religion worshiping the thing. When you get to the mining ship, pretty much no one is alive and it’s very obvious by the blood and gore left behind that it wasn’t a regular party that went down. It’s a survival horror game that gets both terms right. What’s here is 3rd person shooting action with extremely tight controls, awesome graphics(lighting especially), and endless jump scares that keep you on edge cuz you never know when an enemy is gonna pop out. The enemies(Necromorphs) themselves are interesting in that they are a product of a disease from the marker(as well as small creatures), basically everyone started killing each other then morphing into freaks of nature that reanimates left over dead bodies into more necromorphs.
There’s a refreshing take on how you kill them, you can’t just fill them with as much ammo as possible or just go for the head shot(they’ll keep reviving or just coming at you), the trick is dismembering their limbs, this kills them and makes sure they don’t come back, and of course the only way you’re gonna survive. You get a couple cool abilities to aid you in battle, stasis which makes thing slo-mo(great for when enemies are running at you), and kinesis which lets you pull in objects then shoot them if you please. As usual with games like these that are good, there’s a useful upgrade system in place, you’ll definitely wanna search out the joint making sure you have all the ammo you can find, and money too so you can upgrade your weapons to keep up with the rising threat. The heads up display is really cool and unique, acting as a hologram in front of your character. The audio especially deserves mention, not only does the music keep things tense, but the sound effects as well as environmental sounds are incredibly produced, and on a good surround system, wow, the sound design rivals big hollywood movies. The campaign is full and definitely not short.

The Bad – Something you won’t hear me complain about too much, but it’s a little too long.The game took me just over 12hrs. to complete, but I think it could’ve been shaved down to maybe 8 or 9hrs. Sometimes your objectives can be a little repetitive, plus I’m the guy that likes to explore in these sorts of games, so I’m making the game long enough myself, but if you don’t explore you miss out on all the goodies. Why buy ammo when there’s plenty strewn about?

The Ugly – Seriously, the amount of times this game made me jump and bug out. Play with the lights off and the surround turned up, this game will turn you into a punk 🙂

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Rock Band Releases October 13th

Another meh week for me. Although the 70’s rockers Kansas make a re-appearance. If you’ve not heard them, they did Carry on Wayward Son in Rock Band 2.   I have not cared about the new content except for Kula Shaker’s releases. But here goes!

“Show Me the Way”     Black Tide
“What’s My Age Again?”     Blink-182
“Satch Boogie”c     Joe Satriani
“Surfing with the Alien”c     Joe Satriani
“Icarus – Borne on the Wings of Steel” (Live)     Kansas
“Point of Know Return” (Live)     Kansas
“Andres”     L7

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PS3 Holiday Release Schedule

Hey, we spoke about this topioc on the 27th Podcast. It was quite a bit more in depth than what I’m going to put here but here is a list for the PS3 holiday releases.  I’ll put up the xbox and wii here shortly.

-Guitar Hero 5 9/1
-Beatles:Rock Band 9/8
-Tekken 6 10/27
-DJ Hero 10/27
-Modern Warfare 2 11/10
-Assassin’s Creed 2 11/17
-Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 9/29
-Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves 10/13
-Ratchet & Clank Future : A Crack In Time 10/27
-God Of War Collection 11/10

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29th Podcast

As advertised we get together and give our thoughts while sipping some Odeius Tea from the makers of Halo 3. That was not funny, I know. We give a run down on the levels, brutes, new weapons, favorite points in game, area’s we didn’t see first time through and achievements! Join us for the 29th_podcast

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List of Halo 3 ODST’s Amazing Levels

Rich and I should be talking up Halo 3 ODST on the podcast before we head out for some of our favorite ranchero wings at the Adobe in South Philly. Yes, dont worry, we’ll get LOTS of ranch sauce like Mr. Chi-City does.  So here’s a list of the levels we’re going to do a quick run down for tonight’s podcast. I’m really curious what rich’s favorite Halo 3 ODST level is.

The Tayari Plaze level
The Uplift Reserve level
The Kizingo Boulevard level
The ONI Alpha Site level
The NMPD HQ level
The Kikiwani Station level
The Data Hive level
Coastal Highway level

I swear, I must have put in a good 16 hours in and still have gameplay left. The game is GREAT.  On the real, I got my 10,000 achievement point on the Data Hive level.  How amazing is that? When it popped up I was like hold up a second I bet that was my 10k point. And yep. Bam. Points on Points.

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GBU Game Review for Halo 3 ODST (Xbox360)

Coming 2yrs after the release of Halo 3 is this tight little expansion, Halo 3 ODST. If you’re a Halo fan, you know what to do, if not, this game won’t change your mind…..8/10.

The Good – More Halo, that’s really good to me, which means top notch console first person shooter action. The storyline is a fresh take on the usual formula, you get to see different takes from different character perspectives. It all takes place during Halo 2, basically experiencing a portion of what went down in New Mombasa. Tight, intense gunfights that keep you on your toes, are quite exhilarating. There’s a very cool semi-open world aspect that lets you approach enemies from different angles on some levels. Enemy AI is as smart as ever in a Halo game, no two battles are quite the same, even approaching a gunfight multiple times yields different, if even slight, experiences. Nighttime scenes have an air of creepiness. The graphics engine still looks good two years later. Audio is as good as it gets on the 360, high quality effects, well designed surround direction, and some pretty incredible music all add to another awesome Halo experience. The new Firefight mode is supposed to be pretty fun, along the lines of Gears of War 2’s horde mode, haven’t had the chance to try it myself, but I trust it’s a blast with friends. The multiplayer portion comes on it’s own disc with all the previous Halo 3 DLC maps with 3 new maps as well.

The Bad – The campaign is kinda short, it should’ve lasted at least another hour and a half since the main game is maybe 6-7hrs. While I’m happy to shell out for a new Halo game, there’s a reason why it’s called “Halo 3 ODST”, it’s just an expansion of Halo 3….not a new Halo game, probably should have been 40$ instead of 60$. Sure you got some expanded multiplayer, but it’s still Halo 3’s multiplayer, and I’m not an online multiplayer anymore, so that 2nd disc is gonna go to waste for me. You’re not Master Chief, and the characters you do play as are nowhere near as cool as he is, they’re pretty bland actually. While the overall graphics engine still looks great, you would think they’d update the face tech, the characters without their masks look pretty bad. I can be wrong, but I always remembered Halo autosaving, you have to “Save And Quit” to do this here, so if you turn off the box in mid game, you’re screwed.

The Ugly – When you go into the map/objectives screen, the game doesn’t pause, which means if you’re looking at the map, reading objectives or what have you, you can still get hit by enemies…..umm, hello? Pause?!?

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