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GBU Game Review for Sim City 4

Sim City 4, released in 04 is the ultimate City Builder game that burst upon the Computer Gaming world in the late 80’s and has spawned several sequels. All of which I’ve voraciously devoured.  Although my first expierence was Sim City on the Super Nintendo. The version of the game I’m reviewing is includes the Rush Hour Expansion.

Good – City Creating takes on a whole new meaning. You can drive any number of cars for various deliveries, fly a helicoper to rescue someone from a burning building or catch a robber in your police car. I found all three activities too time consuming with little reward other than to break the monotony of city building.
Grapically the game still holds up even 5 years later.  When selecting the option to build all styles at once option for buildings you see a unique and varied city being built before your eyes.  You are also given control of a region containing multiple zones that you can become lord and overseer over.   This presents new abilities for you in your city planning as you can have one region be your farm industry region and another be more residential and commercial once you reach the airport and sea stage of city building. At least, I felt it had a effect. If you decide to not make your own water supply or deal with your waste you can ship it to another city without any seeming effect.  I also found a lot of pleasure creating a highway system through the various zones, but that’s just me. And I’m nerdy that way.

Bad: I’ve never been able to make a mass transit system work. I’ve had bus stops and subway stops next to each other in everysection of town. I’ve put up car parks to have 17 people park in them. I’ve never had the monorail get more than 10 passengers all the while being surrounded by residential bulidings (unless they’re major buildings then the stations are overworked).   Laying track for highways or rail is still a pain in the ass. There are no sudden stops it’s all long stretches. I guess it’s ok since only the subway transit works effectivly.

My eyes hurt something fierce while playing. I dont know why though as I crack out heavily on World of Warcraft. I think I concentrate so much on tiny things for prolonged times, that may be the case. I also had to deal with mulitiple crashes unless I frequently saved. I’m going to guess this is some kind of Windows Ram and Cache issue. I only have 2 gigs of ram (yeah I know, weak when ram is so cheap).

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