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Halo (ODST) Cloud over Moscow

News Outlets around the world are going stir-crazy over this ridiclous Alien looking cloud over Moscow. They call it the independence day cloud. Because you know there’s some race of beings millions of miles away, who happened to watch that awful movie years ago and said. DUDE. THAT IS THE NEW DESIGN FOR OUR SPACESHIP. WAI? WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Now if there’s anything to be learned from the Soviet Union from the Stalin to Gorbachev and their covering up of EVERYTHING I’ll always take the news with a giant grain of salt when it comes from there but they go on to report.. “A spokesman from the city’s weather forecast said: ‘Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced.’ He added: ‘This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive.”

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  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    Comment by Polprav | October 16, 2009

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