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GBU game review for Army Of Two (and my cat)

This game review will differ in many ways from my/our previous game reviews.  I won’t actually review this game so much as tell you what happened. And that’s not to say the game was bad and unreviewable. It’s because the last time I played this game was the last time I saw one of my best friends alive. One of my cats died sometime last night and I am currently unable to write a review of the game as this is clouding my judgement.  Please forgive me for my unorthodox review.

Good:  He was there through every up and down. He was there before many friends I’ve ever had.  He was there on a friday night when noone else was. He wanted to be with me when I was ugly and when I was beautiful.  He loved me when I was single and when I was in a relationship. He was there when I was poor and there when I was not. He listened when I recorded music even when it was good and when it was very bad.  He would sit on the sofa and watch me play my silly games, or he would join me upstairs on the computer. I would leave just enough space for him to lay down and he was always happy with that.  Every morning he would greet me in the bathroom and rub against my leg. When I was done showering he would follow me downstairs, scratch the post that only he would scratch then take up a nice lookout place for me to pet him on the way out. He would meow when he wanted the window open and loved to look outside.  He also loved going outside when I was working out. He would check out the yard first, then he would lay down and let me do my workout until I was done. Sometimes he would come over and rub against my leg and I could feel him purring.  He did not want to run away he just enjoyed being outside with me.  He did not cry loudly and repuslivly. He would simply do his one meow letting you know he needed something.  It was nice knowing how happy he got from the simple things we did together. and that is what love really is.

Bad: At 2am last night, when I put down Army of 2 I did not say goodnight to my friend. The spot he was laying on was the last spot I saw him alive. I regret not having done so.

Ugly:  One of my best friends is not with me anymore and I never got to say goodbye.


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