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GBU game review for Left 4 Dead (360)

Left 4 Dead is a zombie survivor story. You are given 4 seperate places to escape the zombie invasion along with 3 other NPC’s. You can have the option to play locally 4 player, online co-0p or by yourself with the computer playing the other 3.

Good: The game is straight foreward in it strategy. Point, shoot and watch the aftermath. It’s extremely easy to pick up.  Trouble is. That’s the game. Literally. Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! Run. Look Zombies! Blamo! If you played exclusivly Co-Op I know for a fact you will have a blast. Literally. =)

Bad: The AI is slightly useful for one character, with the other times your two npc friends slightly above useless. To be fair though one normally acts as a healer.  To match the NPC there are 4 types of zombies. The knuckle draggers we all know, a very large patchwork looking thing, some spiderman things, and a tank. Called I think..a tank. yeah it was that memorable for me. So..there’s a lot of variety in this game (sarcasim).

Ugly: If you payed 59.99 for this game and told me you wanted your money back because you dont play Co-Op I wouldnt argue one bit with you. If you have lots of friends or are the type who puts up with the Xbox Live Kiddie Playland then none of what I wrote applyies to you.

October 26, 2009 - Posted by | Good Bad and the Ugly - Game Reviews


  1. Yeah this game lacks alot in the single player but in the multi is where this game shines and was meant to be played. The game is set up almost like solo play was an afterthought. Playing this game with three friends and some beers on a dark friday night is an experience though.

    Comment by atomiczombie79 | October 28, 2009

  2. For sure, I can completely see that. I’d also like to see multiplayer splattered everywhere on this box too

    Comment by lurkerbelow | October 28, 2009

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