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I was hoping to be more active this month.  I was hoping to have a satisfying career and a huge plot of land with a concrete bunker stocked with weapons ammo and food by this time in my life.  Things don’t always happen like ya plan em though.  Just sometimes things happen.  So I’m going to make the best of it and plod on as always,  albeit a bit late and WAY off track.  So lets just say im undependable and we can all love me for my faults.  Let’s get back to what matters.


OK.  let me just say that as comedic as this movie really is it’s SPOT ON.  the rules to live by, the realities wrapped in humor, the relationships forged and the absoloute horrible truth of surviving in a zombie apocolypse. 

The characters are fun and likeable, and the suprise cameo while shortlived is absolutely PERFECT for this movie.  Woody is an absolute perfect match for the character and plays his role to an absolute T. 

The Zombies while not completely Romero Zombies are still mostly believable, no superhuman strength and no weird flying powers are bestowed upon them.  They are in fact the living dead.  Good old plain and fancy Zeds.

The story while not gripping does get you involved,  it makes you laugh,  and it allows you to immerse yourself.

All in all this is more of a good time fun movie than an all out comedy laugh fest, and its definately not a horror movie per sea.

Go see this movie, horror fans and stiffs alike will love this movie.  Something for everyone and blah blah blah.

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