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GBU Game Review for Uncharted 2 :Among Thieves (PS3)

Man, the PS3 has been on a roll this year with it’s exclusives and Uncharted 2 is no exception. Read on for some thoughts on one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year. 9/10

The Good – Please excuse me if I happen to repeat certain things from my review of the first game. But what was good there returns and is even better this time around. The Indiana Jones style adventure is back and even more exciting and multi-layered than before. Once again we have a third person action game with platforming/climbing elements, and some fun shooting action that’s mostly cover based. The story keeps you sucked in, wanting to find out what happens next. The characters are well developed and interesting with some great writing and dialogue. There are so many ‘holy crap’ moments, and most of the time the creators don’t even milk them when they could’ve, so many awesome moments that only happen once. The gameplay has been tweaked and revamped, adding a ton of new moves as far as the climbing/exploring action goes. The shooting elements are tweaked to where most of the time it’s really fun, headshots actually register normally this time around. There’s plenty of weapons, some light stealth scenes and just an all around solid action package.
The graphics this time run at a solid framerate, never dipping, and none of the ugly screen tearing that happened sometimes in the first game. There are plenty of scenarios, from jungles, to ancient ruins, to snow mountains, and more. What really got me was the amount of detail packed in, it really is astonishing when you stop and look at the scenery. Simply, these are some of THE best graphics this gaming generation, period. Great lossless audio quality makes a return as well, supporting 7.1 surround if you got the setup.
There’s a hefty multiplayer component, which I haven’t tried, but is said to be strong and a ton of fun. This is a game that every PS3 owner should at least try, good stuff.

The Bad – Some of the action ‘issues’ I had with the first game briefly rears it’s head near the end. As in way too many enemies spawning, with only a few parts requiring multiple tries. While the enemy models look great in-game, you kill ALOT of them, problem is seeing the same guys way too many times can pull you of the adventure experience a bit.

The Ugly – My treasure finding skills. There’s hidden treasure items(just for the fun of it) hidden throughout just like the first game. In this one there’s 100, I was only able to find around 35 or so my first playthrough :-\

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