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32nd Podcast

MAN. THIRTY TWO podcasts in. That’s just buck wild yo. Rich and I get together to talk our latest video game names. Rich has been Enjoying Modern Warfare 2, Ballad of Gay Tony, a dude in Kmart LOL RICH SHOPS AT KMART fronting on him, and some ..Tropico? Bam. I’ve been hitting up Borderlands, Brutal Legend and yet more complaining about EA Sports games. We also talk some news and 2012. Yawn. Check out the 32ndpocast

November 12, 2009 - Posted by | The Master Control Cast | , , , ,

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  1. Yo man, it was Target….I shops at Target…K-Mart ain’t got nuthin for da Rich Dawg! arf!arf!ARF!

    Comment by richieraw | November 12, 2009

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