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Best show on TV (LOST, duh) returns February 2010!

ABC confirms that Lost will kick off its sixth and final season (sad face) with a two-hour premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 2 from 9-11 pm. The requisite recap special will start things off at 8 pm — though I suggest spending all of January watching season 5 on BluRay in preparation instead. Lost will return the following week, where it will own the Tuesday 9 pm time slot.

I don’t mind the switch to Tuesdays, and I’m very happy with the 9 pm slot. Unavoidably, after each episode my guests and I sit around for at least a half hour discussing the WTF moments and commenting on:  how badass Benry is;  how Juliette is eleventy million times better than Kate;   how Jack needs to STFU and stop crying;   how our theories from last week are totally null and void this week because the writers just introduced another mind-blowing revelation; and how much we still miss Charlie. Ok, maybe that last one is just me.

Speaking of MIA Lost characters, this article/press release mentions that a character we haven’t seen in a while will be returning full-time in season 7. Can you spot it?

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