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What did YOU get for christmas?

As I sit here eating a hot pocket that is slightly undercooked I can safely say I dont know what you got but but I can tell you what I got. Though, it’s still to be determined what else I will get as I am getting a 3rd christmas ala the wifey’s mudda. I got Ratchet and Clank’s “A Crack in time”. It’s not so unlike the previous Ratchet and Clank game and I for one subscribe to the if it aient broke don’t fix it creed in life. That said, I’m not opposed to upgrades and they have upgraded the game. You can spot these new features within the first hours of the gameplay. I wont go into these features because well, that’s for the PODCAST as we say around the MCC. There’s still two games left on my list that I really wanted and it’s a bit much to expect even those. So, I may be buying these on my own. Hell the God Of War collection is only 39.99 not too much to pay even after dropping a few hundred on family. =0

So to the 30 of you a day that read out blog, what did YOU get for christmas?

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35th Podcast

Rich returns from Wal Mart with a new Ipod Shuffle and discuss some pro’ s and con’s of why he shops at BOTH Wal Mart AND Kmart. We talk a little about Silent Hill Homecoming and World Of Warcraft 3.3 patch. We also talk a little avatar
and what little there is to say about Halo Reach. Join us for the 35thpodcast

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GBU Game Review for Silent Hill : Shattered Memories (Wii)

Anybody familiar with us knows that I’m a Silent Hill geek of epic proportions. Looking forward to this Wii “re imagining” for so long….pains me…for I just did not love this game. It’s out on Wii now, and soon will be on the PS2 and PSP. My rating, a disheartening 6/10.

The Good – I would’ve given this game a number score lower, but it’s twist ending I felt, was really cool. Okay, first off, the graphics, look really nice for a Wii game. I’m simply not used to high quality textures on wii, but here, things are nicely detailed and still look good close up. Audio is generally pretty sharp and of high quality as well.
There’s a psychological aspect to the game which is new and interesting. Depending on answers you give to questions posed to you, and actions you take, will reshape parts of the game and the looks of some characters. A staple of Silent Hill, when things turn into the “Otherworld”, which was usually a hellish version of where you were before, is now about being cold and encased with ice. The effect happens in realtime and looks impressive.
Lots of wii specific controls might get the wii diehard giddy with excitement(notice I said ‘might’). You carry a flashlight through the whole game, and yup, you guessed it, the wiimote acts as said flashlight. There’s a pretty creative cellphone mechanic that compliments the wiimote nicely as well, phone calls and sounds come through the wiimote speaker adding to the atmosphere. Opening locks, turning things, etc, etc are all done with wii motions in the ways you’d expect them to work. More interesting immersion. Overall, there are a lot of interesting ideas in this game.
Anybody notice I keep saying “interesting”? Hmmmm…

The Bad – The Silent Hill fanboy in me is getting ready to unload in 3…2…1……man, why the hell did they even bother calling this game “Silent Hill”?!? It’s supposed to be a remake/re imagining or whatever and about the only thing that carries over are character names and the most basic premise of the 1st game. SH is all about being scary and giving you a constant feeling of dread, which is almost totally missing in this game, save for maybe 30-40mins(out of maybe 6hrs of play) total that was actually creepy. Good god, could a game be more mundane?
SH always had cool puzzles here and there, here’s what amounts to your average puzzle here…say you’re looking for a key. Oh look, 3 cans sitting over here, shake each one up with the wiimote…*gasp* one jingles, turn it upside down and the key falls out, yay me. Exploration was always a staple, fear of what may be around the corner, music and sounds adding to the fear. Not in this game, it’s quiet…safe, not too much in the way of creepy sounds. Enemies are 100% eliminated in favor of the “Nightmare” sequences.
Now SH isn’t exactly known for good battling mechanics, they were just enough to get you by, and the ‘hey, you can die’ factor adds to the scaryness of it all. So it wasn’t the worst idea that combat is totally thrown out in this game. But with these “nightmare” sequences, which was scary the 1st time I tried it, then the 2nd time after I died….it quickly became one of the most annoying, trying and just plain badly executed functions of a game. Ok, the world changes, monsters come, your only defense is to run…..through a series of doors….which happens to be a maze….and is incredibly easy to continue running in circles….monsters grab you, you have to shake the wiimote in the direction their holding on to shake them off, which doesn’t work right a good third of the time….say you wanna follow the X that’s on the map on your cellphone, which the character pulls up and puts away reaaaallllyy slowly, giving monsters plenty of time to grab you again. Ok, sometimes you find a flare that keeps the monsters at bay, you can’t hold the flare and check your map at the same time. Sometimes there’s things you can knock over to slow monsters down, problem is, they slow YOU down more than anything. There’s probably half a dozen or so of these sequences throughout the game, they’re all pretty much the same….and for the most part, if you couldn’t tell by my enthusiasm, THEY BREAK THE GAME.
The storyline, while interesting, doesn’t hold a candle to the original or any other one after….it’s simplified beyond belief. Once you’re done and over the cool twist ending, you realize the supernatural aspect of everything is pretty much non existant. It kills me how unSilent Hill this game is. It’s a shame too, because there’s alot of good ideas at play here, just whatever happens to be bad….is REALLY bad.

The Ugly – The b**chin that went on in my room as I died like 10x on the 2nd nightmare sequence….you eventually get the hang of it, but they still suck.

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GBU Game Review for Assassin’s Creed 2 (Xbox360)

Ubisoft gets it right, here’s for my review of one of my favorite crack addictive games of the year. Available for the Xbox360, PS3, and sometime next spring for the PC. I give this game a well deserved 9/10.

The Good – So Ubisoft took what was a solid engine built to be the first title and made a real game out of it. What ever do I mean? Well, part 1 had a fairly nice graphics engine, cool premise, huge open world, and probably one of the best climbing mechanics I’ve seen in a game. Problem? There were like 3 or 4 objectives that you could only do and once the novelty of playing as an assassin, scaling roofs and whatnot got old….there simply wasn’t much game there, repetition was the worst enemy of that game.
Fast forward 2 years, we have the sequel, which has you playing in Italian Renaissance times. You’re a guy in the present, in a machine, tapping into the memories of one of your ancestors who happens to be in a lineage of assassins. You’ll spend most of your time as Ezio, who dons a hood and cloak much like Altair in the 1st game, but much more stylish of course. Not only that, Ezio is way more interesting, his storyline in drawn out with interesting turns that really make you give a damn. Once you’re built up to full assassin status, it’s straight bad-assery here on out.
Just about all the problems most people had with the first game are fixed here. The cities are interesting and bubbling with life, there’s ton of missions/objectives to do…not only are they not repetitive, they’re pretty fun to do. It’s one of those games that’ll have you going, “just one more mission”. You can change and upgrade your weapons load out now, along with armor, and even change your look by going to tailors and have them dye your gear. It really taps into that vanity of games some of us just get sucked into.
Of course the big stars of the show, the climbing and actual assassinating. Climbing feels pretty much the same as I remember, which is fun and dynamic as Ezio grabs whatever’s nearby to maneuver. That system still works pretty well. Fighting I feel is improved, it’s easy to get down the rhythm of things, and complex enough that you might not even do half the moves unless you take the time to learn them. And the assassinations are as satisfying as ever, you get plenty of different ways of dispatching your enemies. It’s easy to get out of ‘notorious’ status to resume operations, unlike the first game. So you’re not always on edge, the game wants you to have fun.
Finally, there’s fast travel….no more riding horses for 10mins. at a time and worrying about getting attacked. Overall the game is pretty forgiving in it’s difficulty but challenging enough to still be really fun. Lots of hidden stuff keeps you coming back for more. Long review here I know, but hey, the game’s great and it’s huge and the campaign is really long, I’m only scratching the surface.

The Bad – As solid as the controls are, there are times where Ezio will make a jump or turn where you just didn’t want to. As you learn how to perfect the controls, you’ll see most of that is your own fault, but it shouldn’t be so easy to screw up. Minor beef there, hopefully will be fixed with the next game. The flying that was made so much as a big thing this past E3, is only present for one mission, that’s disappointing.

The Ugly – Trying to remember what actually happened in the ending…, they take such a left turn and try to cram so much info is so little time it’s insane. It’s like taking a person who got sucked into the 1st season of Lost, then flipping the script being like “you know they’re gonna be time traveling 4 seasons from now right?” Totally caps your head up.

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Brutal Legend meets Guillermo

We’re big fans of the Tim Schafer love letter to metal, Brutal Legend. I myself am a big fan Jimmy Kimmel’s “Guillermo”. Get them together and hilarity ensues…..also, a couple other Guillermo vids I like 🙂

Put the demon in his place!

The 1st time I saw Guillermo, as Jason Bourne, had me in tears

And for the horror fans, Guillermo meets Saw VI!

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Fan-Made Feature Length Zelda Movie… whaaat?

So a group of people got together and made their own independent film based on the Zelda games, called “The Hero of Time.” And it’s almost 2 hours long. Insane, right? This takes cosplay to a whole new level.

I can’t figure out how to embed the darn thing here, so you’ll just have to click the link. LINK! Get it!


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New Videogame Teaser Trailers from SpikeTV

So, the Spike TV VideoGame Awards sort of happened this past weekend. Not a big fan of Spike and their wares myself, but some cool announcements come about with these shows. Like some of the teaser trailers for new stuff that I’m kinda excited for. Enjoy 🙂

Halo Reach

Star Wars : The Force Unleashed 2

Batman : Arkham Asylum 2

Medal of Honor

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Magic Wand Remote

So, think.geek posted something pretty awesome. It’s a tv remote that is ALSO a wand. I’m kind of digging this but, given how many remotes I have already. The cable box. the tv controller. the xbox remote. the xbox CONTROLLER. the playstation CONTROLLER. I’m a little salty on adding more. Sure sure..there are UNIVERSAL remotes but they never work. Trust me on this.  Here’s a shortlist of features that I stole from the site. 🙂

Product Specifications

  • Magic wand television remote for witches, wizards, and the occasional muggle
  • 13 magical functions (the number one would expect in magic!)
  • Learns from your existing remotes
  • With a little practice, you can train yourself to do magic with household electronics
  • Flip the channel with a flick of your wand, twist your wand to turn up the volume
  • Compatible with almost all makes of TV, DVR, or really anything with a remote!

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The new World of Warcraft LFG tool is NOT a tool.

So patch 3.3 came out yesterday and despite my previous mentions of being over wow, I’m very much NOT. And let me explain why. I’m a addict. LOLOLOLING. SO. FRIGGING HARD.  I kid.

In all seriousness I’m not really this crazy gamer who maxes out everything. I’m a total half bake when it comes down to it. As you can tell by the frequency of my posts here. Rich suffers from the same affliction if you cant tell.  Well the biggest beef is that I cant stand most every other gamer on the planet and most every one of them maxes or has to be the best. That’s just not my style. I just play games dog. Card games, board games, video games, etc, whatever.  So in this patch Blizzard introduced a cross realm looking for group tool. That means not only your realm has people looking but also your entire battlegroup and for mine that means >20< realms. >20<.  Groups fill quickly now to say the least. Another awesome feature is if you pick up group, or pick “random” heroic, you’ll get a buff to your damage, healing and I believe damage reduction. I’m certain on the first 2 but not the last one. +5% is HILARIOUS for good geared groups which I managed to stumble in with.  So you select what you want to do, damage, tank, heal, or even lead a group (but you also have to select one of the first three duh). At max level you do Dungeons on normal or “heroic” setting. On heroic (which most everyone does now that most of us have some level of gear) you get badges that drop from bosses along with loot. With these badges you can buy really nice gear. So for example, I’ll do a dungeon and get 4 badges. To get a baller “tier piece” one of the more expensive items I’ll have to spend 58 badges. 58/4 sucks. Right? That’s like >15< heroic runs.  But here’s the kicker. Most everyone is geared up and heroics aren’t too awful unless your group is hella bad. Which is not always the case. So most heroics take 30 or so minutes or for the longer ones 1 hour. The time invested is not crushingly awful for one piece. (dungeon sets anyone. UGH).
To kind of combat this hella gnarley ness they introduced “daily” dungeon quests giving gold AND badges.  So it wont take 15 runs to get one piece. Realistically you’ll get something from a heroic unless you’re ultra geared out so it’s not like mind numbingly bad. Also you can now wear tabards to get rep so after 15 runs you’re likely exalted with all of Humanity or any high level faction in game. At exalted factions will sell you epic items.  So lets say you didnt get something you liked in heroic drops, which is unlikely, there are also other rewards with that effort.  Sure, It’s not a total cake walk but it is compared to when the first part of the game came out.

I know people will get really lame about it and say Blizzard is handing out epics and “casuals” much in the same way they talk about conservatives or liberals (as if they’re people really walking around with this above them saying THINK OF ME).  And, sure they are to some extent. But what they’re really doing is making a very in-depth game much lighter on the normal people.  Now that I’m older and thus don’t have time nor any interest to be on the computer from 9-5 then from 6-12 this is GREAT. I can pop in and out of groups swiftly, get what I want from the game which is pew pew pew pew pew, and then roll on to over things in my life. On weekends I can still raid though my guild doesn’t, and only one or two pug raids happen.  This game just got A LOT better for me.  Blizzard is like the JK Rowling. Everything she does is gold and same with them. Props to blizzard.

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Red Dwarf Series 10

Boom. Quickie post because i’m at work but, Red Dwarf, a tv show I love was commisioned for a 10th season according to Robert Llewellyn. “Series 10 of Red Dwarf announcement just been made at DJ 09. To clarify the scripts have been commissioned, wont be filming til 2010″”. I really enjoyed the 3 episodes of  the Back to Earth Series that was filmed recently on the Dave Channel. Though, and I stand by this, that it’s a shame Rob Grant wont go back and write for the show. He’s still got the wit and charm. Hell just read his twitter account!

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34th Podcast

Richie Continues his Kmart Shopping Spree by talking about Assassian’s Creed, Ps3 Sales, Rock Band DLC,15 million nintendo sales last week (whatever), suprising average playtime on wii games,gamestop stock plunging  more zombieland dramaz, and yes. I’m playing wow again. sigh.  Tune in for more of the same from the 34thpodcast. 34thpodcast

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Double R’s Top 10 Games of 2009

It’s the end of the year people. All the big titles that were gonna be released for 09′ have come out. It’s that awesome time of year where hopefully we get some extra time to spend with our family and friends, but also enjoy some quality gaming time.
Man, it’s been a heck of a year for gaming. For me personally as well, I mean, I got to feel the sting of a PS3 and an Xbox360 dying on me, which really sucks cuz I show so much care for my systems. But I kept on truckin and was able to play most of the awesome stuff I wanted to this year. There’s still a bunch of titles that I haven’t played or barely spent time with, though I’d like to. This list is the stuff I got to play through or spent enough time with to know they’re my favorites this year. You can say it’s in order, the best being no. 1 of course. All these are great and deserve some kind of attention when you guys get the chance.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

-Probably the best cinematic adventure I’ve ever played, so many memorable moments.

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

-A comic book super hero game that kept me engrossed from beginning to end. I even wanna play it again!

3. Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

-Incredibly exciting, like being in an awesome summer action blockbuster, without the corny stuff in between!

4. Assassin’s Creed 2 (Xbox360, PS3)

-Part one was an awesome skeleton to a great title to come. They actually built an interesting game and world that I love getting lost in.

5. Halo 3: ODST (Xbox360)

-It’s Halo, man we love Halo around here. The fun and shooting strategy this invokes just doesn’t get old.

6. Shadow Complex (Xbox360)

-A 15$ downloadable game that kept me sucked in and having fun a lot longer than a lot of 60$ games.

7. Killzone 2 (PS3)

-Intense….makes me feel like I’m in a real war.

8. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii)

-It’s side scrolling Mario! ’nuff said!

9. God Of War Collection (PS3)

-It’s the same awesome God of War games from the PS2 cleaned up for HiDef. The PS2 versions were like old DVD picture quality, this is remastered Blu-Ray baby!

10. Rachet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3)

-The classic 3D platforming series still holds it’s own….and looks damn good doing it.

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