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Red Dwarf Series 10

Boom. Quickie post because i’m at work but, Red Dwarf, a tv show I love was commisioned for a 10th season according to Robert Llewellyn. “Series 10 of Red Dwarf announcement just been made at DJ 09. To clarify the scripts have been commissioned, wont be filming til 2010″”. I really enjoyed the 3 episodes of  the Back to Earth Series that was filmed recently on the Dave Channel. Though, and I stand by this, that it’s a shame Rob Grant wont go back and write for the show. He’s still got the wit and charm. Hell just read his twitter account!

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34th Podcast

Richie Continues his Kmart Shopping Spree by talking about Assassian’s Creed, Ps3 Sales, Rock Band DLC,15 million nintendo sales last week (whatever), suprising average playtime on wii games,gamestop stock plunging  more zombieland dramaz, and yes. I’m playing wow again. sigh.  Tune in for more of the same from the 34thpodcast. 34thpodcast

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