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What did YOU get for christmas?

As I sit here eating a hot pocket that is slightly undercooked I can safely say I dont know what you got but but I can tell you what I got. Though, it’s still to be determined what else I will get as I am getting a 3rd christmas ala the wifey’s mudda. I got Ratchet and Clank’s “A Crack in time”. It’s not so unlike the previous Ratchet and Clank game and I for one subscribe to the if it aient broke don’t fix it creed in life. That said, I’m not opposed to upgrades and they have upgraded the game. You can spot these new features within the first hours of the gameplay. I wont go into these features because well, that’s for the PODCAST as we say around the MCC. There’s still two games left on my list that I really wanted and it’s a bit much to expect even those. So, I may be buying these on my own. Hell the God Of War collection is only 39.99 not too much to pay even after dropping a few hundred on family. =0

So to the 30 of you a day that read out blog, what did YOU get for christmas?

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