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38th Podcast!

We get together after a wingbowl of our own. Rich won in case you were wondering. We talk about god of war 1+2, movie talk comes back although short lived, ps3 being hacked, ipadmehwhateves annnnd. That’s it?38thpodcast_mixdown

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GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, PS3 & PC, 3/30/10

Joystiq reports on what everybody and they momma knew…that the GTAIV Episodes would eventually find their way to the PS3 and PC. Dropping on March 30th, the rest of GTAIV’s fans can enjoy these gems. Third party exclusivity has been so hazy this gaming generation…these were obviously a timed one for the 360. Either way, great news for GTA freaks everywhere.

As was the case with the 360 versions, gamers will be able to purchase the episodes separately as DLC for 20$ a pop. Or a disc with both for 40$.

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Lost recap by extended italian family, lol

Just watch

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New Halo Reach screenshots? Yes Please!

Comin straight from the official Bungie site, new screenshots for Halo Reach(durr Rich, that’s what the post title said!). With this, Mass Effect 2, and Alan Wake and such…the 360 is gearing up to have a stellar year for exclusives. In the meantime, click the link and drool cuz this game is lookin slick!

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Daily LOL

Thanks to our friend megan for sending this. But pants on the ground is the new…well..I dont know…but this is cracking me up.

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GBU Game Review for inFAMOUS (PS3)

Ahhh inFAMOUS…one of the PS3 exclusives of ’09…this is a weird one for me. It created a so-so first impression which built up into a great time…then to a game I couldn’t deal with anymore. Sittin pretty with an 85 on the metacritic, this was a bit of a critical darling, not for me though….I’m a go with a 5/10.

The Good – Original super hero style story that’s not based on a previous comic book for a change. You’re struck by a nuclear blast of sorts then start gaining some serious electrical powers. Everything from shooting lightning bolts from your hands all the way to creating lightning storms killing enemies all around you are there to be built up. It’s an open world city style game, but no driving like a GTA, you jump and climb everywhere. The climbing is one of the best parts of this game, as Cole (your character) will pretty much grab and cling to any ledge, pole or what have you creating one smooth and fun gaming mechanic. The game takes on a mission structure and there’s a good variety for the most part, even the side missions can be fun, usually with a pretty forgiving checkpoint system. Hidden items are made easy to find by clicking a button and they’ll briefly highlight on your mini-map, this is a welcome addition to the open world formula and hopefully games like GTA will adopt this in the future. The cutscenes are motion comic style and happen to be very cool. The feel of unlocking new powers and upgrading them can be pretty fun at first. The graphics and 7.1 surround sound aren’t too shabby either.

The Bad
– Oh man, one of the most major parts of the game….the actual fighting. Sometimes it’s really fun, especially when you’re combining powers….but that’s where it ends. Most of what you’ll use is the standard lightning bolt, talk about needing some aim assist, just when you think you got a bead on someone’s head, *bzzzzzzz* no go. So you’re shooting, missing half your shots since the enemy constantly strafes or hides, especially on rooftops. Then they’re too many times where the baddies will overwhelm you cuz they can swarm in ridiculous numbers. Sometimes you just want to explore the city, but nooo, you gotta get used to the annoying gunshot sounds cuz they’re constantly spawning randomly. Then when you’re in the middle of a mission, trying to get from point A to point B, that random spawning occurs, just makes you want to throw the controller. And the enemies themselves, how bout some frickin variety…first you get some guys in hoods, they all look pretty much the same, you will kill DOZENS(maybe even hundreds) of these guys, it gets old real fast. Then you get the guys with the armor made from garbage and stuff, they’re harder to kill cuz of that, even more annoying, you’ll kill many of them too. And finally, some other guys who are stealthy, with good armor and they move faster than the first guys… then I threw up my hands knowing I wasn’t gonna finish the game since the game just became so un-fun by this point, yes, we’re making that a word around here. For those that wanna know, yes, I even put the game on easy mode halfway through and made sure I had most of the powers, all upgraded too…it just wasn’t fun by that point.

The Ugly
– Man, I remember when the demo came out, it was criticized for not being the best(alot of demos are like that)…upon reflection, it was perfect for it was a short summary of how the rest of the game is. Pretty much everything I mentioned in the Bad section, shows up in that demo. So basically, if you love the demo, you’ll love the game…the other side of the coin holds true as well.

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Iphone for Verizon?

Now you know us, or should know us (LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST) but we’re not big up’s on mac’s as most everyone else is. See: we dont have 2k to blow on ok computer (radiohead reference). But I will blow 99$ on a baller phone. And, according to a rumor posted on a rumor site (DONT YOU JUST LOVE RUMORS OMG OMGOMGOMGOMG) there’s a possibility that during the Mac tablet launch we’ll hear about the Iphone coming to VZ. Which would be about damn amazing because my contract is almost up and I’d rather not make the switch.

“According to an inside source close to the going-ons involved in all of this, a new tablet of some sort may not be the only thing on deck for next Wednesday though. We have been led to believe by an inside source that AT&T will lose their iPhone exclusivity on the same day, though it’s not yet clear what other carrier (or carriers) will be stepping in to also carry the phone”

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testin’ the new feed  y’all

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From the Vault of Remember This

Modem Sounds. Ugh. I’m 16 all over again.

And then this lol video the true power of the internet.

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Some Halo Reach details!

As I spoke of on our last podcast(or was it the one before?), I did some reading on that Game Informer issue that had some preview details. Hopefully I summarized  it well enough for you kiddies.  Also, enjoy some new screenshots from Kotaku.
So yeah, Halo Reach….is a prequel leading up to the series we’ve come to love. Instead of being the lone Master Chief, there’ll be a squad of Spartans this time around. It should be a new feel since you’ve got a crew of badasses and not just one. You got your rookie, the leader, a female spartan who’s second in command, the heavy weapons specialist, the stealthy cat, and of course the sniper. The planet the game takes place on, Reach, is said to feel lived in and detailed…so you really get a feel for when the downfall happens. The inevitable attack of the Covenant.
Reach is supposed to take on a darker tone overall, the Covenant won’t have the their humorous nature that we’re accustomed too…they’re gonna feel like a spooky threat. One of the new enemies, Skirmishers, are related to the jackals, but these guys are supposed to be very deadly, cunning ,attack in packs and will flank. The Elites finally make a comeback, while I like the recent Halos and Brutes being a fair main enemy, there’s something about fighting those Elites back in the day that really brought the hype.
The health system is gonna be like the first Halo, shield, a separate health bar, and having to find health packs. What would a new Halo be without a refresher in the weapons category, the Designated Marksman Rifle(DMR) is a cross between the sniper and battle rifles. Not only is it a headshot-o-matic at long range, it should hold it’s own at medium range. The sniper, assault rifle, and magnum pistol all make comebacks, modeled alot closer to their first game iterations. On the Covenant side of things there’s a new needle rifle, which is a mid-range headshot weapon, it acts like the needler but more flexible and accurate.Three continuous shots at a time can combine and explode, sounds like fun. The usual covenant weapons make their returns as well. One more thing, we’re back to the two original grenades, the frag and plasma if memory serves me right.
While battling should be as intense as we’re used to, or even more so, they’ll be a new stealth element….you ever sneak up behind a covenant and give him the ol melee? It’s incredibly satisfying, only that it alerts all his partners around usually…now you can sneak up, stab them from behind, all while no one notices. Armor abilities, another new addition, will give you a temporary perk when you decide to use it, everybody can hold only one at a time. What kind of perks you ask? High speed sprint for short periods, active camouflage which makes you predator invisible for a short time. There’s probably others, what’s cool about these is, once they run out, you just have to wait for them to recharge to use them again instead of ‘one time and done’ style of the past.
And lastly, the graphics engine….while ODST still looked damn good and all that, it was showing it’s age. This time not only will things look better in the Halo universe, but one of the big promises are that alot more things are gonna be happening onscreen, really driving home the epic gameplay and feel. Man I can’t wait 🙂

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Super Mario make me Sickey

Yeah I just attempted to do “for the wii” and put into “make me sickey”. It didn’t really look as great as it sounds in my head but I’m going to roll with it anyways. Flat out. This game sucks in every way imaginable. It attempts to do “new” things without doing (what little is new) well. Imagining is not new.For me, next to Hellgate London this game ranks as one of the WORST games I’ve ever played.

Good: This is my first review where I will put nothing. There is no good.
Bad: This game is almost piece meal from Mario Brothers DS and I wasn’t exactly blown away by MBDS. The previous game did have fun elements. So much so that I cant remember a single thing about THAT game.  So the wii’s graphics’s aside, our bitch of that is stupid at this point you cant not expect it to look bad when you know it always will. There’s an annoying desert board where you’re compelled to use the mario-helicopter suit but it occurs so jaggedly that you end up dieing more often. Not even the time tested ‘wait’ and go slow method to mario works.  Just race through and pray to god one out of the 100 attempts works. Now imagine the first 3 boards comprising just that. I wont even mention the penguin suit. I WONT even mention that.  That’s where I rage quit. Because you know what. I’ve played this game before (MBDS) and rage quit on that game too. And I also played it ANOTHER time SM3. And ANOTHER time before that SM1. I’m not 12 anymore and coming back and playing the 18 year old game “idea” is not worth the 49.99 that ANYONE should spend. F you for literally just redoing this game for the wii’s amazing graphics and adding the next thing..multiplayer which belongs in it’s own section.

Ugly: Multiplayer. This game was billed as your FIRST mario experience that you can share. Great right? I love mario, you loved mario, we can have a Mario Party that’s not silly throwing apples in a basket or chopping up carrots. Wrong. You know those wait 10 seconds to jump to get that 1.5 second jump window opportunity while then having to simultaneously jump to the NEXT ledge? Yeah I know them, you know them. Now imagine doing that WITH someone at the same time and having the ability to kill them in the process by jumping on their head thus negating any co-op jump.  It’s f’n stupid.  Lets not even talk about boss fights because I just lost a inch on my hairline thinking about it.

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37th Podcast

36….THIRY SIX! What was I? 37. THIRTY SEVEN!Check out the 37th Podcast

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Pwnd Support Group

Man, this video is cracking me up. It reminds me of Ken, the first dude. I was just sitting there trying to learn the buttons..and then later..reminds me of jack giving the teabagging. lol

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GBU Game Review for DJ Hero (Xbox360)

Finally, a new hat in the music game genre. Results are generally good, if not difficult, but hey….I couldn’t play Guitar Hero at first either, now I can do consistent 5’s on hard mode. Anyways, some thoughts on whether or not this fulfills my childhood fantasy of being a DJ :-p It’s available on the Xbox360, PS3, PS2 and the Wii. This gets an 8/10 from me.

The Good – DJ music game that comes with a turntable controller. If you’re familiar with Guitar Hero/Rock Band, some things will be a bit familiar. Such as a flowing note chart in which you have to hit the right button to the music to succeed, hoping to get 5 stars by the end of the song. What’s new here, well all of the music are mashups, a combination of 2 tracks premixed and tweaked for a club sound. Not my favorite, but it works and sounds really well in this case. The music spans all types of genres, from hip-hop to dance to rock to pop, there’s bound to be something for everyone. There’s 3 buttons on the turntable,  hit the right one to the tune, sometimes you gotta scratch, and on harder modes, crossfade between tracks. There’s the starpower equivalent, Euphoria, which of course doubles your points for a limited amount of time, and other features that keep you motivated during play. Once you get the hang of things you get the cool sensation of rockin the party and it’s a ton of fun. There’s a ton of mixes, a bunch of unlockables and just an all around fun atmosphere.

The Bad – This just feels like it’ll be harder than GH/RB for some people. Not all the tracks are winners, it would’ve been nice if all the songs were accessible instead of having to unlock them. Getting the hang of crossfading is reeeaaallly tough, luckily I’m not dealing with that yet since I’m stickin with easy mode at the moment. The turntable and crossfader portion are physically a little too close for me, I’m a big dude, adjustable width should’ve been part of the controller design. Find something to lay the controller on, keeping it in your lap can be pretty uncomfortable. I was hoping for a freestyle scratching mode, but nope, deal with the songs included. There’s some lost potential there.

The Ugly – Some of the characters, they’re similar to the Guitar Hero look….we’ve said on the podcast, we like the look of the Rock Band folk a lot more.

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Fable 3 Concept art

Woot. More concept art. Well. not really a woot considering it’s nothing more than concept art but I would NOT be a fanboi if I didn’t exactly geek over this.

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Just Like Losing The Winning Lotto Ticket…

…perusing the blogs I came across this interesting story on Kotaku. We’re big fans of the music genre persuasion round these parts(Rock Band/Guitar Hero). So I found it interesting, Mad Catz, third party manufacturer of usually reasonably priced, ok quality peripherals and such, could’ve got a taste of the Guitar Hero craze. The first game only came out on PS2, the sequel came out for that and the 360 as well, which is when I got into the insanity.

Mad Catz was apparently handling operations that would’ve brought Guitar Hero 1 to the 360, but Konami filed a lawsuit to all parties involved. I can only assume because they had a series from the PS1 days known as Guitar Freaks, another music game with a guitar controller but nowhere near as good as RB/GH. The guys at Mad Catz didn’t wanna deal with this, so they paid 300K to get out of their obligation to avoid headaches I guess. Looks like that Konami suit went away since it’s unheard of these days. Fast forward 5 years and the bucket tons of cash that Guitar Hero has raked in later…..and man….that’s gotta sting.

Sucks to be them :-\

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Jessica’s Christmas recap

Well since everyone else is talking about what they got from Santa, I might as well chime in too.

My big toy this year was an iPod Touch, which is seriously cool. The Mr. is going to get an iPhone in a few months (weeks, if he can’t hold out that long) and he didn’t want me to feel jealous using my old non-smart, noob phone. But since I can’t break my Verizon contract for more than a year, he got the iPod so I can still download apps, listen to tunes, and surf the innerwebs. I love it! I hate talking on the phone anyway, so now I can just email people from anywhere.

I’m also very excited about Zelda Spirit Tracks for the DS. I’ve already started playing and I love it. One of my top 5 games (on any console) is probably Zelda Phantom Hourglass, and so far Spirit Tracks is very similar. I’ll do a full GBU review once I put in a few more game hours, but I think it’s going to be heavy on the Good and light on the Ugly.

One of Santa’s elves also gifted us New Super Mario Bros Wii. It still has the classic Mario feel, but with a modern spin. I like that Jamie and I can play together, even though the gameplay suffers a bit. We have a tendency to bounce off each other’s heads… right into a fiery pit. But it’s fun nonetheless and I can see us picking it up again this weekend for round 2.

I think that’s it as far as electronics go, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all the girly things I got from Santa. Suffice to say, Santa was very kind to me this year and I couldn’t be happier. Hope your holidays were great as well. Happy 2010!

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What Rich got for Christmas

Yes yes, it was a good Christmas for me. I’m the guy in the family that nobody can buy for, the geek with the itchy trigger finger….if I want it right away, I’m gettin it. But every year when I cross this bridge with the family, you know, when they ask what do I want for Christmas? I give them a list of movies and games and tell them to surprise me. I only asked for 360 games since I bought everything I wanted on PS3 this year, and the Wii….well, not much to ask for on that really. Anyways, here’s what I got.

Xbox360 Games

DJ Hero– This game’s a ton of fun. Growing up listening to hip-hop and dance music, I’ve always wanted to dabble in the art of the DJ. It’s about as realistic as Guitar Hero/Rock Band is with guitars, which is to say not so much. But that’s okay, it’s fun to pretend and it’s got a solid soundtrack to boot.
F.E.A.R. 2– Well I’m a fan of the 1st game, so I’m definitely down with the sequel. It’s like a peanut butter/chocolate mix of gaming for me….except it’s scary game/first person shooter 🙂
Viva Pinata:Trouble In Paradise– The 1st game was serious crack for me….I hear this game is basically Viva Pinata 1.5, fixing/adding things but keeping the core game the same….I’m cool with that.

Blu-ray Movies

Inglourious Basterds- I love all of Tarantino’s films and this one’s no exception. Superb HD picture.

Fight Club– One of my top 10 films. Picture is a worthy upgrade over the DVD, Fincher likes to film his stuff in sickly dark colors, so it won’t be eye popping. But the sound is AMAZING.

The Hangover– Probably my favorite comedy of ’09, Zach Galifianakis is genius in this!

Role Models– I’m all about the Judd Apatow and Apatow related comedies, like this one. Shows LARPing in a hilarious light, even though I find it a bit creepy, but that’s just me.

Funny People– Judd Apatow’s third flick, surprisingly mature too. Billed more as a drama despite the title, the 1st half is hilarious, the 2nd half gets serious. Great flick, if a bit long. 2 1/2 hrs, yikes!

Hot Fuzz– The Shaun of the Dead guys do it again! One of my favorite flicks, I can watch this over and over. The Blu-ray presentation is a 10 all around too.

Friday- Jamie and I love this freakin movie….come up to us and quote it and you’ve made an instant friend. This Blu-ray has a gorgeous film-like quality to the picture,  and the audio sees a nice bump to the music quality. Plus it’s the director’s cut, adding some really funny stuff to the beginning and end to this comedy classic.

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My Christmas List


So I know I’ve been a bit distant lately, I’ve moved my location from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the farmlands of North Carolina.  I have a new bunker…well house really but seriously a house made entirely of concrete and steel is it really a house or is it a bunker.  Semantics always did bother me even as a child in school.  So before I go out of control on my silly rant lets just say i have a nice safe place to repel zombies and any other uprising for a good amount of time.

lets see what else we got.  I got very little for Christmas besides being able to spend it at home with my wife and child.  I did get to play a bunch of new games Assassins Creed being one of them and making me extremely glad to be alive.  I LOVE ASSASSINS CREED!!!!  I also watched a few movies Inglorious Bastards, Hangover, and Angels and Demons.  Had a TON of food and basically relaxed and caught my family time in for the year.

To recap my game playing I have been playing alot of Trails HD a downloadable game on XBOX Live and Assassins Creed.  Both games have kept me pretty busy along with the normal day to day responsibilities of being a father.  So hopefully I will have some time to update my movies sometime later this week and I will keep you guys updated on all the new movies.  NO NEW MOON REVIEWS that I can promise you!


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New Expansion for Dragon Age Origins – 3/16/10

We do a little talking to this game on the cast from time to time. Sounds like a behemoth of a game, some calling for 80 hrs of playtime(!). I’ve yet to start it myself, but Joystiq reports that an expansion disc is coming, “Awakening”, for a cool 40$. At that price something tells me this isn’t your typical DLC…for 2/3rds the price of the game, it might be as long as the main game. Once again, (!). We’ll know more when EA/Bioware says more. Here’s a description from said Joystiq article.

Awakening takes place after the (many) events of Origins, putting the player in the role of a new Grey Warden Commander, or simply an old, imported character from the main game, taking on new monsters, like the Inferno Golem and the Spectral Dragon, in a new area of the world called Amaranthine. The expansion features an increased level cap, new items, new spells, the ability to “re-spec” attributes, and five new party members with whom to bond.”

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