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My Christmas List


So I know I’ve been a bit distant lately, I’ve moved my location from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the farmlands of North Carolina.  I have a new bunker…well house really but seriously a house made entirely of concrete and steel is it really a house or is it a bunker.  Semantics always did bother me even as a child in school.  So before I go out of control on my silly rant lets just say i have a nice safe place to repel zombies and any other uprising for a good amount of time.

lets see what else we got.  I got very little for Christmas besides being able to spend it at home with my wife and child.  I did get to play a bunch of new games Assassins Creed being one of them and making me extremely glad to be alive.  I LOVE ASSASSINS CREED!!!!  I also watched a few movies Inglorious Bastards, Hangover, and Angels and Demons.  Had a TON of food and basically relaxed and caught my family time in for the year.

To recap my game playing I have been playing alot of Trails HD a downloadable game on XBOX Live and Assassins Creed.  Both games have kept me pretty busy along with the normal day to day responsibilities of being a father.  So hopefully I will have some time to update my movies sometime later this week and I will keep you guys updated on all the new movies.  NO NEW MOON REVIEWS that I can promise you!


January 6, 2010 Posted by | Normal Stuffs | 3 Comments