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Modem Sounds. Ugh. I’m 16 all over again.

And then this lol video the true power of the internet.

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Some Halo Reach details!

As I spoke of on our last podcast(or was it the one before?), I did some reading on that Game Informer issue that had some preview details. Hopefully I summarized  it well enough for you kiddies.  Also, enjoy some new screenshots from Kotaku.
So yeah, Halo Reach….is a prequel leading up to the series we’ve come to love. Instead of being the lone Master Chief, there’ll be a squad of Spartans this time around. It should be a new feel since you’ve got a crew of badasses and not just one. You got your rookie, the leader, a female spartan who’s second in command, the heavy weapons specialist, the stealthy cat, and of course the sniper. The planet the game takes place on, Reach, is said to feel lived in and detailed…so you really get a feel for when the downfall happens. The inevitable attack of the Covenant.
Reach is supposed to take on a darker tone overall, the Covenant won’t have the their humorous nature that we’re accustomed too…they’re gonna feel like a spooky threat. One of the new enemies, Skirmishers, are related to the jackals, but these guys are supposed to be very deadly, cunning ,attack in packs and will flank. The Elites finally make a comeback, while I like the recent Halos and Brutes being a fair main enemy, there’s something about fighting those Elites back in the day that really brought the hype.
The health system is gonna be like the first Halo, shield, a separate health bar, and having to find health packs. What would a new Halo be without a refresher in the weapons category, the Designated Marksman Rifle(DMR) is a cross between the sniper and battle rifles. Not only is it a headshot-o-matic at long range, it should hold it’s own at medium range. The sniper, assault rifle, and magnum pistol all make comebacks, modeled alot closer to their first game iterations. On the Covenant side of things there’s a new needle rifle, which is a mid-range headshot weapon, it acts like the needler but more flexible and accurate.Three continuous shots at a time can combine and explode, sounds like fun. The usual covenant weapons make their returns as well. One more thing, we’re back to the two original grenades, the frag and plasma if memory serves me right.
While battling should be as intense as we’re used to, or even more so, they’ll be a new stealth element….you ever sneak up behind a covenant and give him the ol melee? It’s incredibly satisfying, only that it alerts all his partners around usually…now you can sneak up, stab them from behind, all while no one notices. Armor abilities, another new addition, will give you a temporary perk when you decide to use it, everybody can hold only one at a time. What kind of perks you ask? High speed sprint for short periods, active camouflage which makes you predator invisible for a short time. There’s probably others, what’s cool about these is, once they run out, you just have to wait for them to recharge to use them again instead of ‘one time and done’ style of the past.
And lastly, the graphics engine….while ODST still looked damn good and all that, it was showing it’s age. This time not only will things look better in the Halo universe, but one of the big promises are that alot more things are gonna be happening onscreen, really driving home the epic gameplay and feel. Man I can’t wait 🙂

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Super Mario make me Sickey

Yeah I just attempted to do “for the wii” and put into “make me sickey”. It didn’t really look as great as it sounds in my head but I’m going to roll with it anyways. Flat out. This game sucks in every way imaginable. It attempts to do “new” things without doing (what little is new) well. Imagining is not new.For me, next to Hellgate London this game ranks as one of the WORST games I’ve ever played.

Good: This is my first review where I will put nothing. There is no good.
Bad: This game is almost piece meal from Mario Brothers DS and I wasn’t exactly blown away by MBDS. The previous game did have fun elements. So much so that I cant remember a single thing about THAT game.  So the wii’s graphics’s aside, our bitch of that is stupid at this point you cant not expect it to look bad when you know it always will. There’s an annoying desert board where you’re compelled to use the mario-helicopter suit but it occurs so jaggedly that you end up dieing more often. Not even the time tested ‘wait’ and go slow method to mario works.  Just race through and pray to god one out of the 100 attempts works. Now imagine the first 3 boards comprising just that. I wont even mention the penguin suit. I WONT even mention that.  That’s where I rage quit. Because you know what. I’ve played this game before (MBDS) and rage quit on that game too. And I also played it ANOTHER time SM3. And ANOTHER time before that SM1. I’m not 12 anymore and coming back and playing the 18 year old game “idea” is not worth the 49.99 that ANYONE should spend. F you for literally just redoing this game for the wii’s amazing graphics and adding the next thing..multiplayer which belongs in it’s own section.

Ugly: Multiplayer. This game was billed as your FIRST mario experience that you can share. Great right? I love mario, you loved mario, we can have a Mario Party that’s not silly throwing apples in a basket or chopping up carrots. Wrong. You know those wait 10 seconds to jump to get that 1.5 second jump window opportunity while then having to simultaneously jump to the NEXT ledge? Yeah I know them, you know them. Now imagine doing that WITH someone at the same time and having the ability to kill them in the process by jumping on their head thus negating any co-op jump.  It’s f’n stupid.  Lets not even talk about boss fights because I just lost a inch on my hairline thinking about it.

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