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From the Vault of Remember This

Modem Sounds. Ugh. I’m 16 all over again.

And then this lol video the true power of the internet.

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  1. Ugh….I remember those days all too well…I remember losing 2 modems in a row to lightning…losing connection cuz someone picked up the phone….a 4 meg song from napster taking a good half hour to download….I don’t miss those days.

    Comment by richieraw | January 20, 2010


    Comment by lurkerbelow | January 20, 2010

  3. I remember seeing WarGames with Mathew Broderec and saving my money for months to get a modem for my parents computer. I remember the absolute hatred for the world when I looked EVERYWHERE and found no modems for sale. I also remember the first time i remote accessed a mainframe. It was beautiful, 5 gigs of memory and a cached memory system IBM 3830. Oh lord it was beautiful. I remember getting a tv in my room. 13 inch color tv with an antenna and my nintendo Staying up for three days straight beating every game I had on my shelf. The things I remember…sigh The good old days

    Comment by atomiczombie79 | January 23, 2010

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