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Super Mario make me Sickey

Yeah I just attempted to do “for the wii” and put into “make me sickey”. It didn’t really look as great as it sounds in my head but I’m going to roll with it anyways. Flat out. This game sucks in every way imaginable. It attempts to do “new” things without doing (what little is new) well. Imagining is not new.For me, next to Hellgate London this game ranks as one of the WORST games I’ve ever played.

Good: This is my first review where I will put nothing. There is no good.
Bad: This game is almost piece meal from Mario Brothers DS and I wasn’t exactly blown away by MBDS. The previous game did have fun elements. So much so that I cant remember a single thing about THAT game.  So the wii’s graphics’s aside, our bitch of that is stupid at this point you cant not expect it to look bad when you know it always will. There’s an annoying desert board where you’re compelled to use the mario-helicopter suit but it occurs so jaggedly that you end up dieing more often. Not even the time tested ‘wait’ and go slow method to mario works.  Just race through and pray to god one out of the 100 attempts works. Now imagine the first 3 boards comprising just that. I wont even mention the penguin suit. I WONT even mention that.  That’s where I rage quit. Because you know what. I’ve played this game before (MBDS) and rage quit on that game too. And I also played it ANOTHER time SM3. And ANOTHER time before that SM1. I’m not 12 anymore and coming back and playing the 18 year old game “idea” is not worth the 49.99 that ANYONE should spend. F you for literally just redoing this game for the wii’s amazing graphics and adding the next thing..multiplayer which belongs in it’s own section.

Ugly: Multiplayer. This game was billed as your FIRST mario experience that you can share. Great right? I love mario, you loved mario, we can have a Mario Party that’s not silly throwing apples in a basket or chopping up carrots. Wrong. You know those wait 10 seconds to jump to get that 1.5 second jump window opportunity while then having to simultaneously jump to the NEXT ledge? Yeah I know them, you know them. Now imagine doing that WITH someone at the same time and having the ability to kill them in the process by jumping on their head thus negating any co-op jump.  It’s f’n stupid.  Lets not even talk about boss fights because I just lost a inch on my hairline thinking about it.

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