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Dragon Age, is Dialogue in Video games totally Neccesary or not?

I refer to what I encountered in Dragon Age as RP BS.  I’m all for conversation in a game if it’s done tastefully but I think Bioware goes to places that they shouldn’t tread.  I find myself skipping key talking points and just mashing through levels killing things.  I came to this same problem in another Bioware game, Mass Effect. While the story line is engaging and entertaining at some points I simply just want to play. Mass Effect 1 had a good amount of action to mix with the story. Then again I had the book to use as a walk through. I was essentially reading the story as I was playing. As a old fashioned type of guy who enjoys reading paperbacks this was ok, I imagine the Ipad Generation to be will not.  So my main problem is Dragon Age keeps you IN the story more than it does taking part in it. Do I really need to explore all conversation paths? Sure I can just use the option to Presuade or Kill you but then am I back in this mashing game? There are other games that tell no story, or even the same story over and over like Mario and gets away with it without any fuss from the masses. Or Stories told through tape recorder entries like Bioshock.  So what do you think? Is Dialogue in games necessary?

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  1. I enjoy different conversations paths, like a “choose your own adventure” book. Choose the evil or mean responses and get a negative reaction, etc. I think it makes the game fun and dynamic. I like in Dragon Age that I can interact with the other members of my party and make them either like me or hate me.

    That said, I think the conversation paths get a little out of hand in Dragon Age. They last way too long and give way too much background info. I end up not caring wtf they are saying and just skip thru it all. Fable had much better conversation paths. Short and sweet.

    Comment by Jessica | February 11, 2010

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