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GBU Game Review for God of War III (PS3)

Finally, the long awaited end to the trilogy is here….how’s it hold up for me? 10/10….yeah I said it, deal with it.

The Good – Let me get this outta the way right now, no, this game is not perfect, nor is any game. The problem is, a lot of cats assume a 10 means just that, to them, I say grow up. Since no game is perfect, then what’s the point of the 10 score? I’m going go with how great I thought my experience was, however flawed it can be.

Continuing the Greek mythology themed story, God of War III picks right up where II left off….I would go into some story details, but my partner-n-crime is just about finishing II and I can’t go spoiling it for the homie. I will say this though, the first level in III has got to be one of the best first levels I’ve ever played, it couldn’t have left a better impression on me. Kratos is still the butt kicking spartan out for revenge, letting nothing stand in his way. The graphics are outstanding, definitely up there with games like Gears of War 2 and Uncharted 2. The way the camera swings in, out, and all about, all in real time without the action missing a beat….impressive indeed. This game sets a new standard for scale in boss fights, there are times where Kratos isn’t but a spot on the screen in comparison to what’s going on around him.

The gameplay sticks to the ‘if ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ formula. But they do add some very welcome tweaks and changes. The hack-n-slash fighting remains smooth, responsive, and as rewarding as ever. New moves, new ways of handling weapon switching with magic associated with said weapon, item use, etc, are awesome additions. I’ve always liked the GoW puzzles, but sometimes they took too long to figure out, everything flows much quicker, pushing blocks(or whatever) gets a speed boost, and rotating stuff is a lot more streamlined, just hit the R stick and Kratos quickly spins stuff himself. Fights are more epic, levels are incredibly huge, everything is just done better. I was also very satisfied with the outcome, though it may not be for everyone. In the end, for me, this is the cream of the crop for action games.

The Bad – If God of War 1 & 2 weren’t your cup of tea, then I don’t know why you’re reading this. This game won’t change your mind unless you REALLY like awesome graphics. There’s a couple of levels that don’t really match up with the insanity and impressiveness of the rest of the game.

The Ugly – Oh jeez, I can go anywhere with this….Kratos is on a mission to kill gods, and it wouldn’t be God of War if he wasn’t getting his way. The way he dispatches some of these guys, really push the gore factor in gaming.

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42nd Podcast y’allllllll

Short and Sweet. I present the: 42nd_podcast

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Playstation Move…from the future

In case you cats didn’t know, the Playstation Move was announced a couple weeks back at this year’s GDC. Move being the PS3’s definitive motion control solution. The Wii made sure that stuff was here to stay….my stance, hey, it’s cool for “some” games. It’s not the be all-end all of games, and at the end of the day, I just wanna kick back with a controller in my hand.

What I think makes the Move cool is it’s 1:1 accuracy. The combo of the controller(s) and the Playstation Eye camera tracking where it is in 3D space, opens up all kinds of cool potential. Of course it’s all about the games. If Sony doesn’t come up with a must-have game or two after this is released, then fuhgeddaboudit.

Anyways, the real point to this post, is the latest Kevin Butler Playstation spot. Sony’s latest PS3 ad campaign with this guy is just friggin hilarious. Spot the Wii and Natal potshots 🙂

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41st Podcast

I’m loling as I listen to this. Lovvvvving the INTRO. 41st Podcast BOOOOOOM

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GBU Game Review for Heavy Rain (PS3)

This be the long awaited PS3 exclusive from developer Quantic Dream. The follow up to their awesome Indigo Prophecy(Fahrenheit in the UK), this follows a much different story. One that I enjoyed immensely, 8/10.

The Good – Something…different. This isn’t your traditional game, in fact, I think it’s hard to explain the gameplay and make it sound exciting. That’s because the actual gameplay isn’t, it’s the story, the situations, the conflicts that your characters run into that make it exciting. This is more like what used to be the dream of what interactive movies were to be. One of the first trophies you unlock is called “Interactive Drama”, if that’s any indication.
What we have goin on, is a murder mystery. A murderer known as the ‘Origami Killer’ is on the loose. The game switches you up between four characters, all dealing with their own situations, but ultimately tied together by this killer. You’ll have to spend time with your son as a father, or pick up a lead as a private detective, or investigate clues as an FBI agent, etc. It’s the mundane things they make you do that’s somehow entertaining, yet make you really connect on an emotional level with everyone. And sometimes, you’re thrown into action packed scenes that are thrilling and tense. These scenes act like quicktime events, but they’re so much better, if you miss a move or two, it’s not game over, the scene adapts to what you’re doing. Another awesome thing, the game is always taking note of your decisions, making big or small changes to the outcome depending on what you do. Different players can potentially have different takes on the story because of their choices. There’s some really cool stuff going on here and has been a hell of a gaming experience.

The Bad – Heavy Rain was made by a french based developer, as such they used a bunch of french voice actors and it shows. English dialog with french accents that can’t help but break through sound a little off sometimes. The gameplay takes a bit of getting used to, particularly when you have to move characters around. It can be awkward and sometimes you wrestle to move them in the direction you want.

The Ugly – There’s a scene, I swear, could be straight out of a Saw movie…it’s intense, unnerving, and I had to give the game a break after I did it.

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Rumor: Gears of War 3 release date

While it hasn’t even been announced yet, Edge-online has the good word through the rumor mill when this epic should be happening. April 2011 is the time frame. It kinda makes sense since Microsoft has Halo: Reach dropping this year, they’re not one to have major franchises in the same genre battling it out at the same time for sales.  E3 is happening in June, we’re pretty sure some info about Gears 3 is gonna happen, so we’ll know for sure by then. Stay tuned.

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Daily Nintendo LoL.

This is the single best quote EVAR. Because this is so far from being right I cant help but L O L at it.

For us high definition by itself is not the next frontier,” Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America

What with the 10 billion dollars nintendo made, adding hd quality graphics would be SUCH a stupid needless pointless idea. us high definition by itself is not the next frontier,” Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America

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Unreal Engine Updates

I came across some interesting screen shots of the new Unreal Engine. I know the Gears of War story is kind of played out, it’s not that impressive in it’s scope. Alien mad. Invade earth. Kill Humans. Humans Revolt. Etc etc. But, it’s all about killing Aliens anyways? Kind of like a pron movie who cares about the plot. (rich does L O L) So there’s some new screen shots that quite frankly look more like uncharted than Gears of War. Could they go that route and add in jungle fighting? Maybe? I saw DO ITTTT because I f’in love Gears of War. =)

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40th podcast!

2 fer one special today. 40th podcast in which about stuff I cant remember right now! How about THAT. 40_mixdown

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Portal 2 announced!

Hellz yes! Portal was one of my favorite games EVER. It’s not everyday that the first person genre gives you something new to do instead of just shooting people. But also something smart such as trying to solve insane room puzzles that, if existed….well, would probably be like watching Lost 🙂 Anyway, by way of Kotaku, here’s the Gamestop product description, promising that the game will drop in the fall on Xbox360 and PC.

“Coming this holiday. Portal 2 is the sequel to 2007’s Game of the Year and draws from the award-winning formula of innovative game play, story, and music that earned the original over 70 industry accolades. Features single and multiplayer co-op modes. The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious test chambers. Players will explore never-before-seen areas of the Aperture Science Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion who guided them through the original game. The game’s two-player cooperative mode features its own entirely separate campaign with a unique story, test chambers, and two new player characters. This new mode forces players to reconsider everything they thought they knew about portals. Success will require them to not just act cooperatively, but to think cooperatively.”

Can’t wait…speaking of Lost, you guys check out any of the Paleyfest panel stuff last week? Funny stuff when asked about a Lost themed Disney ride.

“Damon says there’s no need for an island to have a Lost-themed ride at Disney World: “Just put people in a black room, spin them around and punch them in the face and tell them ‘You just had the Lost experience.’” So true, 🙂

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GBU DLC Review for Heavy Rain (The Taxidermist) (PS3)

I know I know….dang Rich, you sure are doing alot of DLC reviews instead of full game reviews lately. Ever since I got back into the 360 mod scene I’ve been playing mucho games, just not enough time to finish them. Anyway, Sony gave away the first Heavy Rain DLC to the cats who pre-ordered the game. I really dig Heavy Rain so I’m taking my time with it and a review will come soon. Here’s my thoughts on Heavy Rain Chonicles 1:The Taxidermist. 8/10

The Good – This chapter pits you into one of the main character’s shoes. I’m not sure whether to assume it takes place before the main game or not. Anyway, she’s a news reporter, your assignment is to interview someone who’s a prime suspect in the Origami Murders, the major key to Heavy Rain’s plot line. No one’s home, so you do a little breaking in to do some “research”….what ensues are some of the creepiest, tense, edge of my seat moments that I’ve had in all of gaming. For 5 bux, it’s a little pricey, but what an experience I had. I could describe more of what happens, but it would take away from the mystery, tension, and in the end, fun, that I had going through this. If you’re REALLY into Heavy Rain, which I am, it’s definitely worth it.

The Bad – My first time through, it took me maybe 20 mins., which is pretty short. This can be completed in less time than that. But you might wanna go back and see the different outcomes.

The Ugly – The demo for Heavy Rain is a lot longer. Well, a demo is supposed to make you want the game….but still, kinda lame.

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Friday Quotes from the Podcast

So if you happen to listen to our podcast (you should) then you’ll know that we quote this movie and Half Baked all the time. Yes we’re those types of guys. THE QUOTING MOVIE TYPE. This should about fill you in on our all of our inside jokes. and you know this MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.

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From the Vault of Remember This (you’re going to lose CONTROL)

New Editions Cool it Now.  Man that kid has a rill high voice.

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