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GBU Review for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

I was only gonna throw up an impressions of this. But at 30+ stars in, I think I’ve spent enough time on it to decide if it’s worth owning and therefore giving it a score. Heck, I’ve never finished Galaxy 1, but once I got my initial cluster of stars, I slowed down and only play once in a blue. I’m only at 51 stars in pt.1 and still love it as much as the day I picked it up. Galaxy deuce gets a 9/10 from me.

The Good – Everything you loved about Galaxy 1, is back and in most cases, better. This is 3D Mario platforming at it’s finest. Take the best parts of Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1…..and just take it a notch up. Seriously, there is so much to do in this game, it feels fresh every time I pick it up. Tons of power ups, tons of level themes, etc etc, brought together in such a cohesive way that numerous times I sat there and said, that is just awesome game design. Most of the time the control is as tight as can be, where I got kinda annoyed at the Wiimote control in the 1st game(only sometimes), they do a lot here that makes sense and it’s almost second nature while I’m playing.
Graphics….damn, why can’t every Wii game look like this, there’s something about colorful graphics with smart art direction that is so pleasing to the eye. Silky smooth framerate, new renditions of classic tunes, it’s all good here. Levels are huge, with smart checkpoints strewn about. Even some side scrolling style stuff, it just plays beautifully. Maybe alcohol’s affecting my memory, but I don’t remember the 1st game doing that. Yoshi! They also do the ol skool level map, which works and I like, I wasn’t a fan of the 1st game’s hub where you had to seek out where to go next…when you don’t play it for months on end, that gets annoying to have to search for the next level after coming back to it. Auto saves when you finish a level. Basically, if you have a Wii, then you should have this game too.

The Bad – Okay…we’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it….water levels. So far, there hasn’t been alot of stuff where I had to go deep, and they’re not the worst levels ever or anything. But C’mon Son! You change the way I do things that feels like a step backwards for a brief moment, takes me out of the moment. It’s rare, but sometimes, say on the big tree slide(you’ll know when you get there), my last second jumps won’t register, which is mad frustrating. The fireflower power up, why’s it timed?? The jalapeno power up for Yoshi, makes him run fast….sorry, but an out of control Yoshi has never been fun.

The Ugly – Another thing we’ve said before and we’ll continue with…..this game is gorgeous, but good gawd….if the jaggies were cleaned up and shown in HD? Would be glorious. Seriously, to quote the guy on this week’s Giant Bombcast, even with the same assets. The graphics would just jump off the screen.

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When work interfers with your gaming time…SOLUTIONS!

So, you have a office job. You work pretty hard for it. You spend some of your own time – not on the clock – to better yourself and the position. You go above and “beyond” in that sense. You take on overtime not for the money but for the betterment of everyone. You take on projects like writing blogs (FOR FREE) and extending your “outreach” and “profitability”. The side effect is you stop spending time on a blog you loved so much. Then the bad times come. Where you realize yet again that you are just a number. You are nothing. A Pittance in the great scheme of things. Maybe not viewed this way by others but by the ones who give you pay increases each year. And then you realize that it’s jus t not worth it sacrificing yourself.  This is a situation that I’m sure many face.

So what do you do? Well. Here’s a soltuion! Write a blog in the morning! play games at night (NOT A FREAKING MMO), and write about the fun you had.  Troll Kotaku and repost on your own site as if YOU TOO were a news site. I mean, who really cares about all that Anime RP Business over on Kotaku and who really wants to read that garbage anyways. They’re the Pitchfork of gaming! That’s about all I have to say about that jenny, this is a half assed solution anyways. I mean really, are you coming here for solutions to your gaming problems? I surely hope not!

So enough about other people, how about me. I’m currently settling  in on a pretty awful cup of coffee at MY office job dreaming as I often do of Killing little things with large armies or staring down a scope and killing something that is ..well..little (1 pixel). Or spinning my wrists around with the wiimote. Richie has said he has Mario Galaxy 2 ready for me. But I dont have the neccesary toys to get it from him to my home. That’s my weekend dilemma.

So what are you normal gamers playing this weekend? What beefs are you having? Is work cutting into your game time?

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Starcraft 2 Beta Experience – Or how I learned to be beaten by 12 Year olds

Last Night was fun, not only was I crapped on by my errrrday hell, I was given the wonderful fun of getting my butt handed to me in the Starcraft 2 beta by 12 year olds name PWNZORSRUS and LAWLURMOMISMYWIFEY.

The first thing you notice is that the graphics look really really good. Blizzard continued with their whole cartoony look with over sized shoulders (we will get bored of this blizzard..just not right now).  However things have edges! and Vibrant Color! And Details, OH MY! The game play is still there, if you play an rts this is no different. The thing is there is a counter to everything in a 1:1 scenario. Problem is…

The other people, because the beta is only multiplayer. And fuck those mmo-wow-kid types. The ones WHO HAVE TO BEAT YOU IN EVERYTHING AND MUST GO FASTER FASTER FASTER MOAR MONSTER DRINKS. I play and do my thing, quickly, but not that quickly. So I lost. A lot.
I’ll be excited for the single player game, and campaign modes. That will be fun. but multiplayer. Nah. Not my cup of team brother.

Starcraft 2 will be released on July 27, 2010

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Alan Wake – First impressions.

I popped in the new game Alan Wake a few nights ago and haven’t picked it up since. To be honest – I’m a tad bit afraid of this game. Mostly because I play in the dark and have a ghost inhabiting my house (his name is Nestor) but also because I’m a total pussball.  You can make fun of me, it’s fine. Look at this photo and tell me you either don’t Laugh or get weird-ed out.

I’ll go back and give it a shot after the 10 other games i’ve got lined up, Ratchet and Clank and Bioshock 2 to name a FEW, but I’ll be sure to keep it to day time play.ha ha. I will say this, the hokey story line taken straight out of a Steven King fanboi site has me laughing. It’s a lighthouse – but I dont know what it means – need to find cover. fast. It’s like  how I feel with the tv show V…they’re purposly guiding you on how you should feel. And …after lost i like the guessing game.

I dunno. You tell me. Is Alan Wake too scarey?

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Warhammer Online – a 2 year wait. A half a GBU game review.

Nothing new to see here, move along. It’s boring mmo talk which no one with a “cool” social life really wants to talk about anyways. I’m talking about Warhammer Online developed by Mythic. I mention Mythic because nerdboys tend to have developer hate. I’m included in that statement. Anyhow, I found out about this game a long long ways ago because of everyone’s constant complaining about “wow is too ez” and theres this shiny new game that BE A WOW KILLER. Of course the curious cat in me decided to see what’s up. By seeing what’s up it means I read about 10 minutes of actual words on a page and about 5 minutes of youtubing gameplay. It looks cool but looks like wow is what I said.  And I already played wow. And had insane amounts of time invested in said game.  I am also aware of the whole backstory of warcraft being a warhammer game initially and that’s a cool story too but whatever onto the gameplay because that’s where it’s at.

I started with a ORC choppa, ironically named “crakta” because you know..i’m back on the crack. ahhhhhhh.  Anyone familiar with World of Warcraft will notice the standard questing structure. It goes like this you’re dropped into a zone, say hi to someone who tells you to talk to another person, and then you have to kill 10 of those things to HELP OUT THE WAR EFFORT. I make the last words in caps because from then on out you really do feel like you’re walking into the middle of a giant war. Lots of npc’s running off into a fight, screaming and destruction all around. It’s quite cool.  The graphics is something that totally jumps out at you at first too, everything is built for a good but not bleeding edge gaming rig.  Now, I only use a 8800 which is by no means bleeding edge but it’s a pretty good card even 3 years later.  The animations are pretty cool for the choppa too. There’s an attack where you are to wildly swing in all directions and…it really looks like I’m swinging wildly in all directions. WOO. Sounds fun right? me it was. Don’t Laugh.

The public quests are a pretty cool mechanic as well.  There are a group of people who all take part in killing x amount of villagers, and killing a boss guy. You all get a reward based on the amount of help you provided.  The rewards weren’t ground breaking but it did help build my set of gear considering there were no basic weapon vendors around (complaint).

This is marked as a half a GBU game review because I only got through to level 5 after about 2 hours of game play (i’m slow ok!) so therefore my total warhammer experience is not really there or correct for me to pass judgement. So, I’ll end it with this my few hours of gameplay were really enjoyable, the pace was appropriate for me, and should be a game I’ll enjoy up to level 10. I say level 10 because i’m not paying a sub fee for a game right now. Screw that. But I’ll be back later WHO. I’ll be back.

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Today is the day 10 million nerds screamed out in joy….

The World of Warcraft Cataclysm Beta has begun.

And here’s some screen shots from alpha for my brothers in arms.

Stormwind..notice the water and how the rocks look real and not just some bs 1 poly stuff.

and here is (presumably) deathwing?

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Rage Thread – Stuck in Assassians Creed 2

My fellow gamers I am indeed caught up in a moment that flat out sucks. I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do next in AC2. I’ve gone through the walkthrough from ign and cant find where I am. I see some missions I’ve done but not others? Of course the game isent linear in the sense that halo can be so….FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

From “21” I KNOW for certain I’ve done that. In fact I know I’ve done that and a great deal of things beyond that. However on the next page “Romana Highway”..I have NO recollection of. 

Maybe I was drunk and dont remember playing. Sometimes that happens to a fool. Knah-mean?  Going through the pages after that, i dont recognize them either. So I’m stuck somewhere…in a monestary..that is requiring me to jump from one end of the room to the other. And as anyone knows my mario jumping deal is just about epic in it’s hatred.  I’ve jumped on platforms for over 20 years. I'”M READY TO MOVE ON DAMMIT. So help me out. Where am I? What do I do next?

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