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Warhammer Online – a 2 year wait. A half a GBU game review.

Nothing new to see here, move along. It’s boring mmo talk which no one with a “cool” social life really wants to talk about anyways. I’m talking about Warhammer Online developed by Mythic. I mention Mythic because nerdboys tend to have developer hate. I’m included in that statement. Anyhow, I found out about this game a long long ways ago because of everyone’s constant complaining about “wow is too ez” and theres this shiny new game that BE A WOW KILLER. Of course the curious cat in me decided to see what’s up. By seeing what’s up it means I read about 10 minutes of actual words on a page and about 5 minutes of youtubing gameplay. It looks cool but looks like wow is what I said.  And I already played wow. And had insane amounts of time invested in said game.  I am also aware of the whole backstory of warcraft being a warhammer game initially and that’s a cool story too but whatever onto the gameplay because that’s where it’s at.

I started with a ORC choppa, ironically named “crakta” because you know..i’m back on the crack. ahhhhhhh.  Anyone familiar with World of Warcraft will notice the standard questing structure. It goes like this you’re dropped into a zone, say hi to someone who tells you to talk to another person, and then you have to kill 10 of those things to HELP OUT THE WAR EFFORT. I make the last words in caps because from then on out you really do feel like you’re walking into the middle of a giant war. Lots of npc’s running off into a fight, screaming and destruction all around. It’s quite cool.  The graphics is something that totally jumps out at you at first too, everything is built for a good but not bleeding edge gaming rig.  Now, I only use a 8800 which is by no means bleeding edge but it’s a pretty good card even 3 years later.  The animations are pretty cool for the choppa too. There’s an attack where you are to wildly swing in all directions and…it really looks like I’m swinging wildly in all directions. WOO. Sounds fun right? me it was. Don’t Laugh.

The public quests are a pretty cool mechanic as well.  There are a group of people who all take part in killing x amount of villagers, and killing a boss guy. You all get a reward based on the amount of help you provided.  The rewards weren’t ground breaking but it did help build my set of gear considering there were no basic weapon vendors around (complaint).

This is marked as a half a GBU game review because I only got through to level 5 after about 2 hours of game play (i’m slow ok!) so therefore my total warhammer experience is not really there or correct for me to pass judgement. So, I’ll end it with this my few hours of gameplay were really enjoyable, the pace was appropriate for me, and should be a game I’ll enjoy up to level 10. I say level 10 because i’m not paying a sub fee for a game right now. Screw that. But I’ll be back later WHO. I’ll be back.

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