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GBU Game Review for Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360) (also on PS3)

The Good – Having written some impressions on this awhile back, I hope you guys don’t mind me repeating some stuff(aka copy-paste). It’s basically GTA set in the old west. Here we have a  living breathing world, walk around the town and you get to see all the stuff that used to go down back in those days. From the cool, to the mundane. It follows the typical mission structure, instead of cars, you ride horses though(durr). And a ton of mini games that just drapes you in it’s atmosphere. You wanna break in horses? Check. Herd cattle? Yup. Hunt and sell the animal pelts? Get out the knife. Have a drink and/or gamble at the saloon? Why not. There is a TON of things to do.

What keeps you coming back is the awesome storyline. That and the atmosphere….the game is gorgeous, detailed, and sometimes you just wanna ride around enjoying the world, breathing it in. Top notch voice acting, entertaining cutscenes, and music I want the soundtrack for, creates a pretty unique package. It really earns that ‘mature’ rating, sure there’s violence, bad language and the like. But it’s not gratuitous about it. Not that I mind that, but it’s refreshing that the main character is about his business…he turns down offers left and right for debauchery, but he’s got a family he has to return to. And revenge….sweet sweet revenge.

What’s also great about it? You can probably get through the main storyline in less than 20hrs. I loved GTA IV, but the main story was just a bit too long, you almost forget what the goal was by the end of that one. Not here….and man, does it do something I think most games(even the great ones) miss out on. The climax/end, is spectacular, ballsy, and will leave you thinking about it for awhile. Highly recommended, and deserves a 9/10 from me.

The Bad – Typical Rockstar stuff….controls can be a little janky sometimes. On foot shooting close up sucks, and it’s tough to switch weapons in time in a pinch. Edge of your seat action isn’t always at the forefront….things are a little more subdued here. I don’t think it’s bad at all…but I’ve heard a person or two mention it being boring at the beginning.

The Ugly – There are just some really effed up characters in the old west. I know it’s fiction, but I bet some of this stuff wasn’t too out of place back in those days for some people. Cannibalism, grave robbing, and hints at necrophilia are just a few things…….come to think of it, that stuff definitely exists today, UGLY! :-\

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The Witcher – Impressions

With Steam sales goin crazy, having a pretty well equipped PC, and finally…, I’ve set up my PC sitting arrangement quite comfortably. I can get into some of the stuff I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve always wanted to play The Witcher, and after a cool E3 trailer for the sequel, it seemed the time was right.

It’s a fantasy RPG where you plays as Geralt, a witcher(durr). Taking on quests, slaying beasts, plowing wenches(did I just type that?), and everything else that makes this type of game fun to play. It’s not really open world like an Oblivion, more like open section. Each chapter is a different area where you’ll run around taking on jobs, meeting some interesting folk, then following through with an interesting climax. You can’t go back once you’re done. The action is simple yet fun, the dialog trees aren’t too ham fisted, and the plot is pretty dang engrossing.  You’ve got choices, but it’s not the now cliche, good or bad system we’ve gotten used to. Example, one of the townsfolk who lives on the riverbank, offers to pay you to get rid of the nearby drowners(black lagoon sea monsters). You do the deed, some shady elves show up to take his supplies that are outside. Some of their guys are sick and need it, blah blah blah….do you let them? Or do you protect your interests? Well….since these elvin bustas threatened me to begin with, I layed waste to their bitch-asses. No good or bad….I just did my thing. And it was awesome.

It’s one of those games that’ll leave you like, “just one more quest”. Of course there’s multiple strings to said quests, and who knows how long they can last. Sure it’s got some glaring jankiness, but we’ll worry about that later. A review will definitely be coming… is an RPG, so I’ve no idea how long it’ll take me. I just know I’m loving this game….it’s got me, at work, thinking about going home just to play. As much as I dig the games I play(wouldn’t play them if they sucked, who has the time?), it’s only once in a blue where a game sticks with me like this.  Good stuff.

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Games you wish you could go back and play for the first time

Friday – Now there’s a Movie I wish I could go back and watch again for the first time. Somehow relive that feeling of being 21 all over again.  At that time, it was friday, I had no job, and I didn’t have shit to do. So, after about 40,000 watchings of this movie, of which I can remember about 5 due to the copious amounts of ugz my ROOMATES WERE SMOKING –  the movie has gotten a tad bit stale. The same with Half Baked, or even..gasp….Star Wars. The movies over time tend to lose their luster but, not in a bad way. relic of the past.  I’m being a tad bit dramatic – I still laugh at the best of Friday videos on youtube and there is The Stone Roses debut album that almost 14 years later still sounds just as fresh as it did the first time I heard it. I can go back to that moment in time where it lives vividly in my memory and get that feeling all over again every single time.  You know the bit where the drums kick in at 1:30. Man, that shit will always be epic in my mind.  Here’s that shit live.

Any fuckin’ ways. I’m taking a long time to get to my point – as I usually do – my point is that I looked at the Fallout 3 case today and really longed for that moment where I realized that I was playing one beast of a game that would suck the next 80 hours of my life out of me.   The moment I realized I’m an addict and Fallout 3 was my Dealer with the good stuff.  I had no power over that plastic case and needed that FIX. I think myself along with 80% of the gamer population felt this moment with this game and knows exactly what I’m talking about without me having to refer to bullet points. So I won’t.

But, indulge me while I go back through what’s left of my mind mostly because i’d like to list here some games I’d love to go back and play for the first time. Here’s the Short List with my thoughts.

1. Fallout 3 (duh)
2. Sim City 2000 – I remember the feeling of the fucking chair because my ass was parked to it for an entire summer. I think this was one of the contributing factors to the decline of my Sporting Life but, so be it. It was a great game and my City’s were the Envy of ANY EMPIRE.
3. Railroad Tycoon 2 – I mostly remember the bucketloads of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough icecream in my first real apartment in college that I ate while playing this game. It was a pretty weird time – hence the copious amounts of Ice Cream – in the middle of winter mind you – but this was one of those things that stuck out.  It felt good building something successful. Little did I know that i was doing that to my own career. Who would have guessed in the power of the Sub-Conscious mind.
4. Legend of Zelda a link to the Past – My memory of this game is MEGA hazy as I was 12 at the time of this games release but I played the fuck out of it. It was the first game we got for the SNES. Yeah, I know no mario. Odd right? I love RPG’s what can I say. And it was also the time I got my first TV. A 10 inch RCA that I JUST THREW OUT LAST YEAR. Can you believe that shit. Yes. I hold onto crap. Anyways… Man…I loved the box art, and the smell of the box. I loved the music from the start. and..what’s this? RAIN?  SO COOOOOOOL. I’m sure Rich can point out the very first game where rain was used but this was my first game I really remember it being so effective at creating mood. It seemed so real and epic at the time. I was 12. Stop laughing.

So what games do you wish you could go back and play all over again with a fresh face? What games do you most want to experience all over again? I’m sure there are some Wowcrackheads that could easily name ONE game instantly. Just sayin’

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Ways to Increase Traffic for a Video Game Blog

I love that title so much. It’s so “Corporate” that I am barfing on my shoes as I write this. On the Real…I need to rant here for a short amount of time.  I’m not exactly aware if issues are coming up due to this being a WordPress blog and thus me not having any ability to edit my pages Meta data, but we certainly have seen a decrease in overall traffic the past 2 months. And especially year on year. So here are the things we DO do to make sure our little spot on the innerwebs is fun.

We effectively use keywords.
We use them appropriately – so we put in xbox in xbox articles.
The titles of our articles are not awful.
We talk about a good amount of Games in the time that they are relevant.
The breadth of games we write about is pretty good. I will admit we don’t write much about old Nintendo Games enough and that’s my fault but that’s certainly not holding us back.
Maybe the video game blog’s market is too saturated? Maybe our site sucks. Maybe we don’t write enough – like Kotaku.  Maybe we should start doing Video Reviews to bulk things up or bring back the Podcasts.  Maybe I should migrate this site to someplace I can actually do my wizarding skills. Maybe we should write more about World of Warcraft (gag)?  I don’t really know the answers. I can only say that I enjoy writing about Video Games and our Adventures with them so even if one person ping’d this site on a given day – I would still be happy.

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Lego Harry Potter: The best game I’ve played all summer (6 days)

I’m going to fanboi big time right now. I love the lego video games.  Yes, even Lego Batman with it’s massive flaws and stupidly dumb and hard puzzles. Here’s an example of my love. I loved it like I enjoy punching babies.

I’m kidding. I don’t punch babies……I KICK THEM IN THE FACE. BOOYA.

Lego moving to Harry Potter as it’s Series was something that it should have explored before Batman whose flaw was  really that there was no story everyone was uniquely familiar with. With Harry Potter you have to lived in a basement with a psychopathic killer who didn’t allow you any light,  no access to the Internet, and certanly not Tim Horton’s Coffee – YOURE DRINKING FOLGERS CHOICE BITCH – to not know the story lines. We’re not even out of the First Movies and we’re finding outselves going oo and “awe” so much that we’ve run through 3 barf bags with a 4th on Standby. The biggest difference I’d have to sayis really utilizing your wands to a great effect. While this may be a pain in the arse at times, sometimes you just want to roll through everything, it makes you WANT to see what things you discover. In a video game, that kind of depth and especially the enjoyment of that depth is just not there. You really feel like you’re a little wizard and that is exactly what will make fans go Lady GaGa over this game. Nevermind the top notch graphics that remind me of…gasp…GEARS OF WAR WTF!?…running around Hogwarts (SO AMAZING SQUEEE), or the quality puzzles and, the childlike fun of the cut-scenes along with game play this game has everything I wanted it to have and more.

I will add a caveat, we’re about 4 hours into the game so there are chances it could go all SuperMario Brothers (see: SUCKS) again, but I’m hoping not. Even still, if it does I still had a great first four hours that I’ve not had since Halo ODST. Go out and buy this game immediately my fellow wizards.

Lego Harry Potter is Released June 29th available on All platforms (including the wii)

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Wikipedia Zelda Vandalisim

Oh man, someone totally just PLAYED Zelda on wikipedia. Like man…..Soooooooooooooo hardcore. This is from the Skyward Sword entry…

“The exaggerated character designs will point the player to the enemies’ attacks and weaknesses, which is one of the reasons the realistic graphics from Twilight Princess were dropped”.


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Kitten with a Hat lololol

Put headphones on..

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E3 2010 -Fable 3

How could I forget to show some Fable love on this piece? Here’s their E3 trailer. And if you’re really curious, some commentary from Creative Designer, Peter Molyneux.

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E3 2010 -Silent Hill (8?) Trailer

As I was hoping for, Konami showed off the new Silent Hill….it’s the 8th game in the series, but calling it part 8 is just a working title. Due out sometime in 2011, this is looking deliciously creepy. I hate to be mean, but this trailer is more creepy than the whole SH Wii game was. Akira Yamaoka, the series’ music composer, doesn’t work for Konami anymore. I was worried because the sound has always been it’s own, scary, character in an SH game. But they got the composer who does the Dexter show music. Sounds pretty effective to me. Way lookin forward to this one.

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E3 2010 -Deadspace 2

Yup….another sequel I’m anticipating. The 1st was damn effective at bringing awesome graphics, incredible sound, and tense gameplay delivering one creepy-ass experience. Can’t wait to see what they pull of with the sequel. Xbox360 and PS3

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E3 2010 -Portal 2

Coming out next year for PC, Xbox360….and what? The PS3 as well? Why the surprise. Valve didn’t handle the Orange Box port on PS3, and the head of the company always poo-poo’d the PS3 as being too hard to program for, etc etc. Yet he comes out himself at this year’s E3 to announced it. I guess money talks. Either way, I can’t wait, the 1st game was one of my favs, and this looks to be another favorite.

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E3 2010 -Gears Of War 3 -Gameplay


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E3 2010 -Playstation Stuffs

Sony, in my opinion, were the most consistent at showing cool games at E3 this year. Sure Microsoft showed off a couple awesome titles, but the whole thing was very Kinect heavy…..which so seems like it’s not directed at us core gamers. Nintendo was Nintendo, their outing was respectable I think.

Sony wasn’t perfect of course, they showed alot of Move stuff, which we’ve covered here before. New games for it and all that stuff. And they pushed 3D alot, which wasn’t surprising. Could be dope, but until I can afford/try it for myself….meh.

But stuff like Killzone 3, I think just looks spectacular. Little Big Planet 2, squeee. They announced a new Twisted Metal, which looked real slick. That new Motorstorm, whoa. Even the inFAMOUS 2 trailer put the 1st game to shame. They didn’t show anything on Last Guardian though 😦 The week’s not over though….well, here’s some trailers!

MotorStorm Apocolypse


Little Big Planet 2

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E3 2010 -Nintendo 3DS

Gee, guess what Nintendo showed off? Their big announcement, if the above image wasn’t obvious, the 3DS. This should be able to play all your old DS games, as the touch screen is still there, and dual screens of course. The big difference is the top screen, it’s in 3D without glasses. There’s a slider control to adjust the 3D effect, or to turn it off. There’s an analog nub in addition to the d-pad for extra control. There’s dual camera lenses on the back, presumably to take 3D pics. And what really hasn’t been touted, the graphical fidelity seems to be bumped up way significantly. Games are looking like PS2 quality now. Some even better. Also, 3D hollywood movies will be available for it.  Should be interesting. Price and release date deets haven’t been revealed yet.

Kid Icarus Uprising

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D and Resident Evil Revelations screenshots from Nintendo’s E3 site.

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E3 2010 -Nintendo Wii Stuffs

The old dog Nintendo had some announcements goin for this years’ E3. The big one I’ll get to, but here’s a small list of Wii games that piqued my interest.

Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword

We don’t know too much about this one yet, except that it’s colorful. Looking like Twilight Princess with a Wind Waker cel-shaded scheme, they’ve struck a pleasing to the eye balance. It’s said to use the Wii Motion Plus for swordplay, hopefully we’ll be doing more accurate swings than just waggling. This looks like it’s gonna be fun.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

I am pumped for this one. Ol skool 2D platforming action…and it looks good doing it.  Way to make some Wii graphics look nice, Nintendo.

Epic Mickey

The video above is 7+ mins., but it should give you an idea of what the game is about. I haven’t got a chance to watch it all myself, save for a few game play clips. Looks like Mickey Mouse’s own game set in different episodes of his career. Steamboat is particularly interesting. And it looks great, can’t wait to try it.

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E3 2010 -Halo Reach Trailer

Damn this game looks good. Check out some of the new moves…..and fighting… space!

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E3 2010 -Metal Gear Solid Rising -Trailer

For those that aren’t fans of MGS’ stealth prowess, this may be more your cup of tea. I can’t wait to play this, it looks so amazing….

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E3 2010 -Xbox 360 Slim, Release date, NOW!

As anticipated, the 360 Slim was announced. Supposedly shipping now, 299$ gets you the system with a 250GB drive and built in Wi-Fi. I am not feeling the look….at all. Hmm, maybe I’ll change my tune if I saw it person. Hit up joystiq for a gallery of pics.

*Update* In person pics, looks a little better….I guess it doesn’t matter in my case, I’m not buying one anytime soon 😉

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E3 2010 -Killzone 3 Trailer

I loved me some KZ2. Issues? Yeah, some of the boss battles were downright annoying and tiring(especially at the end). Also, the flow of action kinda breaks near the get used to moving forward, battle, rinse repeat. They decide to start attacking from other directions which got irritating. But man, was it some amazing action, that wartime feel is represented well. Part 3 looks like more of the same in that respect…..with new locales….weapons….vehicles….and jetpacks. Sign me up!

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E3 2010 -Fallout New Vegas – New Trailer

Looks like Fallout 3 in a new area…..wait, there’s nothing wrong with that! Just hook this thing to my veins! Check out the trailer. The game comes out Oct. 19th.

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