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When will the Next Gen Console Arrive?

Kotaku beat me to the punch on this piece about when the next gen console will arrive. Not that I’m ever trying to be someone who “breaks” news no no no, that’s for far worse writers than myself. Why wouldnt I turn down the chance to list numerous stats that can go either way depending on how you look at it with various quotes from people who have a higher station in life than myself.  BUT! I wont. That’s not me. And that’s not you. Not do you really give a shit when you read a quote from CFO-BBO-MMO-BO Jeff Zeyzywiski on his new game “death from trees 3 – the next evolution of disaster and destruction”.

That ranted…let me start  with the History of Release for the Consoles. Ha Ha. I’m kidding. I swear this wont be long – but there is a point to it. The XBOX came out in November 2005. (rich was there) The Ps3 came out in Novemeber 2006 (rich was there) as well as the Wii (rich was there because he has a mother fucking time MACHINE). It’s now mid 2010 – shouldn’t we be hearing news of the next gen console? See how fast that was? The point if you can’t tell was me saying that Rich is everywhere. At. All. Fucking. Times.

Next point is the increase in resolutions. The game systems were made with great graphics cards but Resolution has increased even from last year to this year yet we’re almost 5 years beyond the xbox release! Despite that I’ll put it out here right now: No news on a new system for 2 years. There’s a few reasons.

Never-mind I think we’re still looking at 3 with an outside chance of 4 until a new one is even released it’s mostly because I just cant believe that they’ll let 10 years go by. 10 years is a LONG time. I get 10 because Sony has said 10 years is how long they envision the ps3 lasting. I mean really, can you imagine using a video card from 2000 today? Case in point. DIABLO 2 and it’s AMAZING 640×480 RESOLUTION with possibly up to an astounding 800×600 resolution. Seriously? I also cant imagine the meetings of the past few years at the Executives at the Ps3 and xbox division report – we’ve lost 200 million or whatever massive number it is that they did lose. Now that they’re pulling in profits they’re going to want to recoup that and then some with year on year increases. It’s the corporate world they always want +3% increases. It’s fucking weird and unrealistic. Anyways…my rant is over.

What’s the real problem? It’s quite simply the insane success of the Wii comapred against the heavy losses handed to  Sony and Msoft in the beginning years of their systems. The Move and Kinect as everyone who even plays video games on a regluar basis knows is our favorite companies attempting to grab the success of Nintendo. It also gives them this position where they are advancing systems without being an advancement, and keeps them from looking outdated. But we all know that will not happen in this Generation. The reason? The brand awareness (more so) and how hard Nintendo has sold themselves  (less so) as not being the “hardcore” gamer to the average person is a mountain to overcome.  They quite simply wont.  Which brings me to my last point.

Nintendo will be the next one to release a console.  Despite how little the price has dropped Nintendo’s most glaring flaw is their lack of  resolution.  Here’s my insaneo whacked out theory – they’ll release a Wii .5 with the ability to play all the old wii games but you get the resolution. yeah. FUCKING INSANE RIGHT. Hell, with even the most out of date individuals now grabbing HD tv’s, the nintendo looks like utter shit on a HD tv of any size. Anyone can see this.  It’s almost an insult how jagged and awful it is on my 47 inch tv.  Granted I know everyone doesnt have a 47 inch, on a 32 it looks.  There’s not that many who dont have a HD TV of sorts. This almost proves my point of why you shouldn’t wait 10 years to update a console as we all know the Wii is really just the Gamecube.

So when can we look for Nintendo’s Wii 2?  2013.

Leave your shit-talk in the comments. I’m insane – I know.

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  1. You’re not insane brother. I totally agree. When sony says 10 years though, they don’t mean they won’t come out with a new console for 10yrs, just that the Ps3 will be supported for at least 10yrs. Like PS2, we laugh at it now, but games still come out for it, now that’s insane LOL.

    I think part of the reason that something hasn’t been announced just yet, is these companies inability to bring their prices down to 150$ or less. A redesigned 360 comes out, the old ones stop being made, and it’s 300 bux, wit sony still rockin the same price range. I still know alot of cats that don’t wanna jump on that price point. MS/Sony tryin to get some nintendo pie with kinect/move, that’s insane too, you’re right. It will not happen.

    But things will be sweet when 1080p native rendering is the standard. When will the jaggies end lord? WHEN?!? lol

    Comment by richieraw | July 9, 2010

  2. Catch me if you can like the gingerbread man.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | July 9, 2010

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