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Little Big Planet for the PSP – More like BIG LOAD TIMES

I am stuck waiting for easily the longest intro to a game I can remember. It’s Little Big Planet for the PSP. Every time I log in I get this video…

This is real sweet and cute and I like it. But not every single damn time.  There’s also the whole PSP starting up business which does take a small amount of expected time but then this 1 minute 16 seconds fucking long video plays every time. What gives? Everything about this game is great, it fits perfectly for the psp with it’s small-ish maps making for an easy pick up put down type of gameplay. This by the way is how I envision handhelds to be.  More that another day though. But Seriously. what gives? Is this the game with the longest load times ever?  Fat Princess didn’t have this and God of War doesnt.

Excuse me while I go order some food while I wait for this intro video to finish.

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