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The Most desired thing by a gamer in the entire world is…

I went into a gamestop to buy Madden 06 (fuck you dont laugh) and was greeted not by some 16 year old, awful, neckbeard type who somehow remembers playing games 17 years ago, but by a girl gamestop employeel! I should have known by the way the other guy employee’s were squirming and then acting all tough by saying silly things like “I beat tekken three on ultra super duper hardmode on day of release”.

As I walked through the store she awkwardly said hello to me and asked the normal question every.single.employee of a mall type store asks “are you looking for anything”. No, dipshit, sometimes I like to fucking walk around.And Certainly when I walk into a store to get one thing it’s certainly not a Gamestop. Anyways, what striked me different about her was that she was thin and…get this…. asian!


I KNOW RIGHT. AZN!? A GIRL? OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG. At that moment I realized I was looking at virtually every single neckbeard’s dream girl. Let alone the fact she is..a SHE, that alone would be enough to make any neckbeard guy go crazy,she also liked video games! was not overweight! (irony at it’s best) and the most important thing is that she was asian and therefore had a strong possiblity of liking fucking.japanmie.rp.bullshit. I can only imagine something she experiences about 2.5 seconds after meeting a neckbeard. He gazes off into the distance dreaming of sipping Monster Drinks together while watching fucking Anime. Drool starts forming around the chubby cheeks and then he’s snapped back to reality as she asks that fucking awful question….

Anyways…This girl was not particularly cute, or smart or, even…human…but I realized what I was looking at for millions of basement dwelling neckbeards – the more desired thing in the world. A thin asian girl gamer.

I left before 10,000,000 neckbeard white-knights came to her bad humor defense.

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