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A Top 3 moment in my gaming life so far JUST HAPPENED.

I just completed the protoss level “utter darkness” . I got all three achievements, on the normal setting of course.  I was able to play the most defensive game of my life. It’s as if this level was written for me. I must have had 100 turrets going at one time on top of a masssssssive fleet. I was rolling around the map like crazy on the three choke points. I did manage to get the 2 achievements, kill 250 extra zerg after the 1500, and kill 750 extra zerg after the 1500. I ended up with 2300 dead. zerg before I was overrun. My eyes are so damn dry from clicking like crazy. I really just cannot emote how amazing that was. Am I too lame to admit I got chills WHILE playing this level?

I got chills.

❤ blizzard.

Here is a screenshot of In Utter Darkness

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