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Music Monday!

Cooking by the Book – Lazy Town – Little John Remix by Mastgrr

I’d love to have a mp3 of this song for download, oh well. Yet another nsfw video for today….but…prepare to laugh.

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Team Fortress Rager Chozo

There have been some epic youtube videos of gamers raging. I’m sure you’ve seen the World of Warcraft Kid Freakout, and the Duke Nukem Ventrillo Freak out. Balllllls of steal.ha ha. But, ladies and gentlemen we have another entry into the Gamer rage viral video category. The new entry this time is from the game Team Fortress 2. Much like Counterstrike manchildren play this game excessively to over compensate¬† for their lack of….anything?…in their lives.

If you are at work, put on headphones.

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