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Fable 3 Video’s – Something to geek out too in the AM?

Ok, I’m going to drop a bomb bomb bomb SHELL. Not really. I lie. I’m actually just going to put together some Fable 3 videos that are out right now.

Peter Molyneux visits the GameSpot live stage to show off Fable 3 with the worst possible interviewer possible. Good lord.

Here is a guide of the Fable 3 Levels – I like far more epic. 🙂

More gameplay – wings? Seriously?

Here is a good video of the emotions you can do to NPC’s

Lastly here is a combat video – which I know you’ve been waiting for – I love how the player uses the musket to shoot behind him without looking. Hilarious.

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Bioshock – Infinite Gameplay

Man, this game looks sick. Sick in that I can get very real very fast. Tell me how in the world are you going to get balloon’s big enough for that massive statue. It would also be insanely windy at all times. What the weather today jed? Windy with chances of Sun? And what is up with the whole rail system where you simply put a jason hook on the chain and fly at insane speeds while dodging flack fire (NUKKA PLEASE) then fall vast distances only to CATCH the INCHES wide rail with the hook you are HOLDING. Yeah your arm wouldnt flind off into a million pieces. Anyways, the game looks good. 🙂

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