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MMO Report? What’s that you say? MMO’S SUCK. The content is boring – mmo’s are  slow, boring, and poopsockish then again, so are some major sports out there so, kindly shut the fuck up. Now never you mind if you don’t like mmo’s this show is so spectacular in so many ways.  First thing you see is it’s production value, which is quite good. I’d love to have a company have enough monies to drop on a set for me so of course you have to temper this a little. That said, there is a company with enough money to drop on a set for a show like this. THAT’S AWESOME. Which is why g4tv constantly walks upon the tightrope that is being “gamer” related and actually making money. SEE IMPOSSIBLE.  Casey the host is spectacular in his delivery and actually makes you believe he is a MMO-Nerd. Which, he’s probably not.  Normal people don’t play mmo’s.  This all leads me to my point – webshows are great. And you should watch them. now.

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