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Warlock, Druid, and Rogue Tier 11 Model Videos

How exactly does MMO-Champion do this? This guy is the super slueth, or that he’s secretly in with Blizzard’s pr to generate interest (most likely). Fan sites are an effective way at getting out a message deeez days.  As usual it appears the Druid Model’s will only look good on Taurens, Warlocks on Undead and Rogues on Douchebags Aspie kids. Is it me or do all of these armor sets look like they copied set designs from Flash Gordon?

Warlock Tier 11 Armor Video –

Looking like “the fabulous General Kala

Rogue Tier 11 Armor Video

Looking like…uhh..anything from this scene.

Druid Tier 11 Armor Preview

The white feathers is a little loopy and like the flying hawkmen dudes from..YOU GUESSED IT……FLASH GORDON

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