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Online Purchases and how to toss away money because of your Bad UI

I made a funny yesterday and I certainly don’t blame my self. What self respecting person would? I kid. It was my fault – I didn’t look. But I’m still not going to give up that it’s not completely my fault if something is messed up in the first place. I’m talking about the Sony Playstation store and the insane belief that one should be able to get a refund.

First off it stats right there in that little box image that what I was buying is a PSP game – which I already own on a system that BROKE OVER THE GOD DAMN WEEKEND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. RAGE! GOD! Anyways, I have the insane belief to read the main text in the middle of the page and not automatically assume, hey I’m buying the WRONG PRODUCT. Well, I did. And it’s my mistake. So I go searching online as my generation is so wont to do and I find this little bit of Grade A customer service.

“All PlayStation®Store sales are final (no refunds) per the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and User Agreement.

What the fuck is this some bodega in the hood? Out of the millions of users that sony has, and I’m sure judging by just living every day in Philadelphia, or just gaming on the xbox live experience nevermind years of wow player stories, there are a bunch of complete and total moron’s out there! Someone will make a mistake. People do. We’re not perfect. Toss in someone’s money and you’re just begging for a disaster.  I won’t even go into the whole “you signed this 12 page document that would require years of legal counsel to even begin understanding” as the whole “told you so”.  I just cant deal with that much anger this morning. Well..10$ later, or 300$ later, however you want to spell it in my case, I had a bad sony weekend. But hot damn, Pixel Junk Monsters is fun!

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