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Tier 11 Shaman Model – Thoughts on playing a character with clothes like a Tin Can Opener

So there it is. Now – imagine what your character, in my case a tauren, will look like.  I was a fan of Tier 10 – despite not ever being poopsock enough to actually get that gear but it got me thinking what was my favorite Shaman Set of Tier Gear. I’ll throw down because I’m a old dude anymore in this game, especialy when I know the vast majority of world of warcraft players are 18-24. I believe the % was under 5 according to my behind the scenes knowledge, WHATEVER.  Do you even care about what I just said? I sure don’t!My favorite set was the Cyclone set.  I just loved the lightbulbs as my shoulders.  Blame is on my love of nightlights after watching scarey movies around the age of 10.

This set, on the other hand, looks a little druidey. I made up that word.Druideeeeeeey. You know what I mean. I think the reason I actually give a smeg about this set is that it’s, in all likely hood, the one I’ll be wearing for the next 2 years. I’ll join the raiding scene when everyone is still new and cant Gearscore check you like douchebags  so that will give me an option to play. Fun times indeed. I know you’re excited. I am. Gimmie that set dog.

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