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Best 2010 Blizzcon Neckbeards

Ahh and now comes my part of the day where I laugh evilly at people who..well….how do I put this? Hmmmmm. Haven’t yet interacted with Society in a healthy and appropriate manner? That works. Yeah.
Please enjoy these as I have

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Further Proof that Cats are taking over the internets

This will be my THIRD post in a row with one sentence.


Yes, another fucking cat video has made it to the internets and yes, we are all fawning over how cute it is. Don’t you people realize this is a devious trap made up by liberal ,or..NO! RIGHT WING!!! Cats. Wait, no, CHECK THAT…TERROR-IST CATS!  You’re either with them or against them…what will it be kiddo? I own three cats, I’m in yo.

I now present…Nora: Practice Makes Purr-fect (A+!)

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