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Fallout New Vegas Glitch Fun

Not My Gun - but I wish.

Everyone and their brother is complaining talking about how fun Fallout New Vegas is, but also how many glitches it has.  I’m going to join the masses and point out a glitched moment but, also focus on not being a dick about it by running to the forums to complain. This might go into the  Tips section for my Gamers Guide to a Personality. More fodder for my upcoming book which no one will buy.

The glitch occurred after I cleared out the REPCONN Test Site full of ghouls and managed to save not only the normal ghouls but also the Nightkin! Yay me right? Yeah, i’m a sucker for the good ending. Alone in a vast wasteland it’s me, myself, and my bottle of gin, saving humanity one gesture at a time. Awe.  Feeling happy and secure I saved and went to bed at 1am. (UGH)

The next day, after a long day at work, I come home and let the wife play fable 2 for >4< hours then pop in the game about an hour past bedtime.  The following is a (mostly) true story.

Happy fun save time REPCONN Facility
Cannot load game HAHA FU. (it really said FU, true story)
More uncomfortable silence
Select Auto Save 10 minutes prior to happy fun save time at REPCONN facility
Cannot load game
silent (response exaggerated to protect the innocent)

I’m kidding. I didn’t get angry. I laughed. Really, I did.  Mostly because I was being a arrogant smug jerkface reading all the stories of people’s games bugging out while mine was not. “heh, look at those fools and their bugs. They cant touch me.”  I was caught red handed at what I do so well.  So I did what any self respecting gamer does.  I called up a friend, in this case rich, and repeated the story. He suggested saving the entire game to my hard-drive. What FOREIGN CONCEPT IS THIS? Install to harddrive? he might as well be telling me to write up battle plans for invading china for crying out loud.  Now, I’m sure he can pop in and tell you this but this is how the convo went.

“we’ve talked about this before.”
“We did?” – playing innocent because I know we must have in the past.
“yeah, you press the yellow button, Y, and install it to your harddrive. It saves time on the load, lessens the usage of your disc reader, and makes bunnies come rushing into your house to cuddle with you. Dude, dont you remember talking about it on the podcast?”


There are two points to this. One is to not be a smug jerkface and laugh at other people’s shit going wrong because it can just as easily happen to you. The other is that even when there is a moment when something goes totally fucking wrong and seemingly ruins what amounts to an epic battle, involving hours of running around a fucking maze like facility fending off people with a butterknife,in the process using all my fucking stimpaks, something good can always come from it. And that is the realization that I am, sometimes, a complete fucking jerkface that can now save games to my 20 gig harddrive.

I know what you’re thinking but…120$ for a 250 gig drive? as IF! TAKE THAT $$$SOFT.

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