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To buy or not to buy that is the gamers question…

Have you ever had a time where you wanted to buy something but couldn’t,or maybe didn’t want to just yet or were hesitant? You’ve had those moments before, I’m sure. Case in point: we both read the reviews about Star Wars Force Unleashed giving you jedi powers with a GREAT story you simply had to read. Then again, there was something inside you that said man those scores on Meta Critic seem a bit silly to me. Exclusive Content for the Wii? Seriously? Jar Jar Binks? REALLY? I know that last bit had nothing to do with the previously mentioned game but we all know that even the slightest hint of Jar Jar Binks appearing in any video game is call for a trip to the bathroom or at least a visit to your therapist. No disrespect to the voice actor, Ahmed Best, who voiced Jar Jar Binks.  I’m sure you got paid handsomely dog but mesa thinks that shit suuuucked.

In any case, there was that itch on the back of your arse that said hold up there buddy. And you did. You held UP. Mostly because you hadn’t washed your undie’s for a few days but also because you have a keen intellect matched by only those with 5/5 Mage Tier 10. So lets cut to today and say you see it on sale for 5.99 or, in the “greatest hits” and wonder silently to yourself..greatest hits? Really?  Well,  sometimes, dudes and dudeettes… just gotta say “fuck it” and buy it. It’s only 5.99. What is that to you? 2 hours work at Dairy Queen?

I think the appropriate phrase is “quit being a bitch and come on”

This writer needs to ante up and buy a book that is only 6.99 worth 3 hours of work from his current job.

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