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E3 2010 -Playstation Stuffs

Sony, in my opinion, were the most consistent at showing cool games at E3 this year. Sure Microsoft showed off a couple awesome titles, but the whole thing was very Kinect heavy…..which so seems like it’s not directed at us core gamers. Nintendo was Nintendo, their outing was respectable I think.

Sony wasn’t perfect of course, they showed alot of Move stuff, which we’ve covered here before. New games for it and all that stuff. And they pushed 3D alot, which wasn’t surprising. Could be dope, but until I can afford/try it for myself….meh.

But stuff like Killzone 3, I think just looks spectacular. Little Big Planet 2, squeee. They announced a new Twisted Metal, which looked real slick. That new Motorstorm, whoa. Even the inFAMOUS 2 trailer put the 1st game to shame. They didn’t show anything on Last Guardian though 😦 The week’s not over though….well, here’s some trailers!

MotorStorm Apocolypse


Little Big Planet 2

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E3 2010 -Nintendo 3DS

Gee, guess what Nintendo showed off? Their big announcement, if the above image wasn’t obvious, the 3DS. This should be able to play all your old DS games, as the touch screen is still there, and dual screens of course. The big difference is the top screen, it’s in 3D without glasses. There’s a slider control to adjust the 3D effect, or to turn it off. There’s an analog nub in addition to the d-pad for extra control. There’s dual camera lenses on the back, presumably to take 3D pics. And what really hasn’t been touted, the graphical fidelity seems to be bumped up way significantly. Games are looking like PS2 quality now. Some even better. Also, 3D hollywood movies will be available for it.  Should be interesting. Price and release date deets haven’t been revealed yet.

Kid Icarus Uprising

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D and Resident Evil Revelations screenshots from Nintendo’s E3 site.

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E3 2010 -Nintendo Wii Stuffs

The old dog Nintendo had some announcements goin for this years’ E3. The big one I’ll get to, but here’s a small list of Wii games that piqued my interest.

Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword

We don’t know too much about this one yet, except that it’s colorful. Looking like Twilight Princess with a Wind Waker cel-shaded scheme, they’ve struck a pleasing to the eye balance. It’s said to use the Wii Motion Plus for swordplay, hopefully we’ll be doing more accurate swings than just waggling. This looks like it’s gonna be fun.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

I am pumped for this one. Ol skool 2D platforming action…and it looks good doing it.  Way to make some Wii graphics look nice, Nintendo.

Epic Mickey

The video above is 7+ mins., but it should give you an idea of what the game is about. I haven’t got a chance to watch it all myself, save for a few game play clips. Looks like Mickey Mouse’s own game set in different episodes of his career. Steamboat is particularly interesting. And it looks great, can’t wait to try it.

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E3 2010 -Halo Reach Trailer

Damn this game looks good. Check out some of the new moves…..and fighting… space!

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E3 2010 -Metal Gear Solid Rising -Trailer

For those that aren’t fans of MGS’ stealth prowess, this may be more your cup of tea. I can’t wait to play this, it looks so amazing….

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E3 2010 -Xbox 360 Slim, Release date, NOW!

As anticipated, the 360 Slim was announced. Supposedly shipping now, 299$ gets you the system with a 250GB drive and built in Wi-Fi. I am not feeling the look….at all. Hmm, maybe I’ll change my tune if I saw it person. Hit up joystiq for a gallery of pics.

*Update* In person pics, looks a little better….I guess it doesn’t matter in my case, I’m not buying one anytime soon 😉

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E3 2010 -Killzone 3 Trailer

I loved me some KZ2. Issues? Yeah, some of the boss battles were downright annoying and tiring(especially at the end). Also, the flow of action kinda breaks near the get used to moving forward, battle, rinse repeat. They decide to start attacking from other directions which got irritating. But man, was it some amazing action, that wartime feel is represented well. Part 3 looks like more of the same in that respect…..with new locales….weapons….vehicles….and jetpacks. Sign me up!

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E3 2010 -Fallout New Vegas – New Trailer

Looks like Fallout 3 in a new area…..wait, there’s nothing wrong with that! Just hook this thing to my veins! Check out the trailer. The game comes out Oct. 19th.

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E3 2010 Kickoff-Project Natal renamed Kinect

If anything, Sony kicked things off days ago with trailers for some of their upcoming games. But on the official tip, Microsoft got down and dirty to promote their ‘camera that makes body a controller’ device, the then Project Natal, now officially called Kinect. Man, MS is promoting this as a family device, hard. Joystiq has all the inital details. What may be coming soon, that rumored 360 slim, it looks to be true, waiting on better pics and stuff though. Kinect on the other hand, should be out this November.

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Gears Of War 3 screenshots, aka, The Boom

Hit this right here. This’ll head you on over to the boys at There you have a ton of hi res screens. In-game and concept shots depict all kinds of coolness. From new guns, enemies, levels…even updated looks to our regular characters(bearded Dom!). It’s all lookin pretty dope and Gears 3 couldn’t get here soon enough.

"We ain't goin nowhere till I find my clippers..."

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Mortal Kombat Rebirth? *Update!* Jeri Ryan Explains

Ok….this just popped up online.  Warner Bros. bought the rights to another Mortal Kombat movie, and they’ve expressed interest in rebooting the franchise. The first Kombat flick is one of the better videogame movies out there, it’s cheesy, but it still is. The next MK game is supposed to be taking it back to their violent roots. The point of all this? Well, this 8 ish minute video shows up with no explanation. Some of the big boy blogs thinks it’s a cutscene to the next game. I say production value is too high and slick to be that…..and if this is the upcoming movie, then I’m ready to buy a ticket. This thing looks sick!


Coming from Kotaku, Jeri Ryan expained what this was from some tweets. I wish this gets MADE. Here’s the ol copy/paste.

“Okay, so… Mortal Kombat,” she tweets. “It’s not a game trailer. Actually was made for the director to sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film.”

Ryan said she did her role as a favor to a friend. “No idea yet what WB’s reaction to it was,” she adds. I can tell you what my reaction was: stoked.”

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The Horror Corner – Nightmare on Elm St. – 2010 Remake

I’m not one to poo-poo hollyweird’s trend of the past decade. Unnecessarily remaking classic horror films. Sure, it shows a lack of creativity, but you know what? I don’t have to go see them….I can just ignore them. Won’t tarnish my love of some of these flix. But they’re here to stay, and surprise….I actually like some of these remakes. Not more than their original counterparts of course, but some of them are a chill way to kill 90 minutes. Except for this one.

I found this reboot of my beloved Elm St. to be bland, soulless, and just didn’t have a good flow to it. Don’t get it messed up, I really wanted to like this one. I thought the trailer looked tight, Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy looked good, there looked to be some cool callbacks of the original. I mean, Freddy looked like he was gonna be scary again, hell yeah I was excited. What I got was a bunch of cheap jump scares, most of which you’ll see coming a mile away. A slow, meandering story, and acting that needed Red Bull to jolt some interest in the thing.

And the callbacks…, lame. The infamous wall scene, where Freddy’s form pushes out of a wall as he watches a girl sleep. Totally convincing effect, even now, was done as cheap as possible, with spandex(!). They CG that bad boy here, and boy does it look bad. The glove in the bathtub? Why did they even bother. The Tina death scene where she’s dragged up a wall, was so tame here. They would’ve been better off just doing there own thing. And changes to Freddy’s backstory….ok, they’re trying to do their own thing there. But it didn’t make alot of sense. They try to elicit some false sympathy for a little while, you know, maybe Freddy didn’t molest and kill those kids. Oh wait, Freddy just molested the kids in this one. Such a weird change, like, what’s the point of the glove then?

Things get a little interesting in the 3rd act, but at this point I really didn’t care. About the only thing that maybe saw some improvement on the original, was the very last scene with the mother. It was pretty cool here. So, it’s not the worst horror movie I’ve seen….just one of the more boring ones. I’m giving it a generous 4 outta 10.

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The Horror Corner – Thoughts on the Nightmare on Elm St. series

I hope atomic zombie doesn’t mind me sharing this space with him a little bit. We’re both horror movie fans of epic proportions. I just wanna get some thoughts out there once in awhile….plus I’ve been a bad parent, neglecting our child, our chill little blog here 😦

Full disclosure…..I was the Freddy fanboy growing up. The original Elm St. is the first horror flick I remember seeing, it scared the shit outta me, and I still love it to this day. My first halloween getup was a Freddy mask and glove, I’d wear the thing anytime throughout the year. Yeah I know, weird and it explains alot 🙂

How do I feel about the rest of the franchise? Part 2 is very unpopular in alot of horror circles, personally, I think it’s great, as it still brings the creeps and doesn’t just redo the first flick, it does something different. Freddy possession, he gets into the kid as he sleeps and takes over. Think ‘Avatar’, but you’re an ugly burned up child killer, not a cute blue person.  Part 3, The Dream Warriors, kinda creepy, much higher on the excitement scale. It introduced the cool themed dream worlds that the kiddies would get killed in. But… also introduced wise cracking Freddy. The guy that people reference when they diss the Elm St. flix as stupid and not scary.

Elm St. 4, The Dream Master went full tilt boogie on the jokey Freddy. It still had the cool dream worlds, and upon reflection, is quite entertaining. But creepy it’s not, not even a little bit. Except for the cockroach scene….man I hate those things. I can’t even watch the last story in Creepshow cuz it freaks me the fugg out*shivers*.  Part 4 plays like a music video kinda. Freddy meets the MTV generation, yay.  Part 5, The Dream Child….hmmm. I’m entertained by it, keeps the trend, but also has a gothic vibe to it. A little more serious, but not very scary either. Pretty weird too, Freddy resurrects himself though an unborn child’s dreams. What the flux??

Part 6, Freddy’s Dead-The Final Nightmare….ahhh….the one where they kill Freddy. Honestly, this one is hard to watch, it’s more comedic than 4, without the music video charm….it’s downright bad. They didn’t even try to be spooky, they just ran with the slapstick. Freddy’s glove become’s a Nintendo style power glove? O….K….*backs away slowly*.  Then there was New Nightmare, which was a mindblowing concept at the time, Freddy is so popular, he steps out of fiction land and into reality. With some of the original’s actors playing themselves, being tortured by a new style Freddy. And get this, he’s actually creepy again. I love this one, it’s not without it’s flaws though. I feel it’s a bit slow at times and a little more drama than horror as well in some bits.

Which will bring me to my upcoming review of the Elm St. remake…what does this Freddy Krueger fanboy think? Stay tuned.

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Grand Theft Auto – Old West?

Of course I mean Red Dead Redemption. It’s basically GTA set in the old west. Currently sitting pretty with a 95 on the ol metacritic. I ain’t ready for a review, but some thoughts? Sure. Is it that good? Depends. Personally, I love it….if you’re a GTA diehard, you’ll probably love it too(it comes from the GTA creators). Some of the big time critics actually like it better than GTA, the whole western theme talks to them.

Rockstar Games had a previous game known as Red Dead Revolver, it was more of a linear game, it’s claim to fame was something called ‘Dead Eye’. When you’re out and about shootin bad dudes, with the click of a button, everything slows down bullet time style, so you can have time to choose where you wanna shoot. Let go, BANG! BANG! BANG!, giving you the feeling of the fastest draw around. ‘Redemption’ doesn’t really have a connection to ‘Revolver’, but ‘Dead Eye’ is in there. And it’s open world vs. linear of course.

When you get in there, it’s a living breathing world, walk around the town and you get to see all the stuff that used to go down back in those days. From the cool, to the mundane. It follows the typical mission structure, instead of cars, you ride horses though(durr). And a ton of mini games that just drapes you in it’s atmosphere. You wanna break in horses? Check. Herd cattle? Yup. Hunt and sell the animal pelts? Get out the knife. Have a drink and/or gamble at the saloon? Why not. There is a TON of things to do. And the game looks damn good doing it. Who would’ve thought desert, tumbleweed, and the like could look so detailed in a game. It’s fun to just ride around and enjoy the scenery….until you get shot at of course.

It wouldn’t be a Rockstar game if gritty violence didn’t play a role. You’ll face masked gunmen, stagecoach robbers, and other unsavory types that come from that setting. So far, my only real beef is the same as the GTA games. The onfoot action can, for lack of a better phrase, blow chunks. But it’s easily dealt with and the good greatly outweighs the bad. It’s definitely worth trying out, but you gotta spend some serious time with it, you’ll need more than a half hour to decide if you wanna stick with it or not. Review coming as soon as I finish the story, which is awesome and compelling BTW. YEE HAW!…..sorry, I shouldn’t have done that :-p

*the trailer above describes the game better than I can, but I found it after I wrote this up :-/*

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E3 2010 – What do you want to see? Double R’s Thoughts

Hey kiddo’s, it’s that time of year again. The time where our geeky selves get a taste of what’s on the way in the gaming world. The time where we get all giddy and squeal over cool trailers and the possibility of good games and stuff that should hopefully come out soon. Or get disappointed by it….Wii Music anyone? Ok, sorry Nintendo, that was cheap of me….but seriously….Wii Music?!? WTF were yall thinkin?!? You guys made up for it with Mario Galaxy 2 though, I’m lovin it 🙂 And on the honest side, it’s rare that I get disappointed by something I was blown away by at an E3. Now let’s see, what do I hope is gonna make a showing? Or not. I’m gonna stick to the big 3 on this. Off the domepiece 🙂

+ Halo Reach baby! Sure, multiplayer is cool for cats that are into it, but I wanna see some of that campaign. Since it’s supposed to be out in the fall, I don’t think an awesome trailer is outta the question.
+ Gears of War 3. This ain’t due till April of next year, but give us a taste MS. For realz.
+ Fable III. Yeah, I know I gotta get on part 2 and finish that jawn. But the possibilities of being a king and affecting the world around you, depending on your rule style? Should be interesting.
– Project Natal. Yeah, we’ve went over the cool possibilities of this, so far, unnamed, contraption. But I’m really not interested. After being burned by the Wii, I just don’t give a damn about motion control stuff too much. Besides, I don’t have the space to jump around my room just to do something a button press can accomplish…..Make me eat my words MS.

+ The Last Guardian. We’ve put up trailers and all that good stuff….just don’t know when it’s due. I’m praying for a fall release, c’mon Sony. Make it happen!…Or take your time till it’s right, I don’t want a broken game LOL.
+ Killzone 3. This just got announced. Won’t drop till next year, but I loved 2. It has it’s flaws though. Hopefully 3 is a smoother experience.
+ A new Jak & Daxter. This is just outta thin air, not even a hint if it’s being made, but those games were awesome on the PS2. The guys behind the awesome Uncharted games made them, so c’mon. Take what you learned there, and apply it here, should be good.
– Playstation Move. Like the Wii, but supposed to be better. See above. I know you guys want some of that soccer mom/senior citizen money that Nintendo gets, but stick to what you’re good at. Motion controls?…..zzzzzzz

+ New Zelda. Show me something that’s gonna excite me. I know I’m in the minority here, but the 3d Zelda’s just don’t do it for me….and Twilight Princess? Puts me to sleep man. I’m hoping for something awesome.
+ New console. No I don’t want a new Microsoft or Sony system yet. But Nintendo? Just gimme something that smooths out jaggies and displays in HD. Mario Galaxy 2 looks great, but it can look AMAZING. And make sure it’s cheap too!
– Vitality sensor? Add that to the list of peripherals I don’t care about. Who knows. Maybe they’ll do something cool with it *snicker*

3rd Party Stuff
+ Dead Space 2. I loved the first game. It looked gorgeous, sounded incredible, and really brought the creeps.
+ New Silent Hill. Konami announced a part 2 reboot. I guess sort of like they did with the last game. Which I thought kinda sucked…but this one’s in another developer’s hands. I’m hoping for the best.
+ Rock Band 3. I used to be nuts about the music genre. But the endless Guitar Heros and band specific games just made it boring. Maybe Harmonix will give us something to be excited about again….and I can dust off my plastic guitars 🙂

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GBU Review for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

I was only gonna throw up an impressions of this. But at 30+ stars in, I think I’ve spent enough time on it to decide if it’s worth owning and therefore giving it a score. Heck, I’ve never finished Galaxy 1, but once I got my initial cluster of stars, I slowed down and only play once in a blue. I’m only at 51 stars in pt.1 and still love it as much as the day I picked it up. Galaxy deuce gets a 9/10 from me.

The Good – Everything you loved about Galaxy 1, is back and in most cases, better. This is 3D Mario platforming at it’s finest. Take the best parts of Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1…..and just take it a notch up. Seriously, there is so much to do in this game, it feels fresh every time I pick it up. Tons of power ups, tons of level themes, etc etc, brought together in such a cohesive way that numerous times I sat there and said, that is just awesome game design. Most of the time the control is as tight as can be, where I got kinda annoyed at the Wiimote control in the 1st game(only sometimes), they do a lot here that makes sense and it’s almost second nature while I’m playing.
Graphics….damn, why can’t every Wii game look like this, there’s something about colorful graphics with smart art direction that is so pleasing to the eye. Silky smooth framerate, new renditions of classic tunes, it’s all good here. Levels are huge, with smart checkpoints strewn about. Even some side scrolling style stuff, it just plays beautifully. Maybe alcohol’s affecting my memory, but I don’t remember the 1st game doing that. Yoshi! They also do the ol skool level map, which works and I like, I wasn’t a fan of the 1st game’s hub where you had to seek out where to go next…when you don’t play it for months on end, that gets annoying to have to search for the next level after coming back to it. Auto saves when you finish a level. Basically, if you have a Wii, then you should have this game too.

The Bad – Okay…we’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it….water levels. So far, there hasn’t been alot of stuff where I had to go deep, and they’re not the worst levels ever or anything. But C’mon Son! You change the way I do things that feels like a step backwards for a brief moment, takes me out of the moment. It’s rare, but sometimes, say on the big tree slide(you’ll know when you get there), my last second jumps won’t register, which is mad frustrating. The fireflower power up, why’s it timed?? The jalapeno power up for Yoshi, makes him run fast….sorry, but an out of control Yoshi has never been fun.

The Ugly – Another thing we’ve said before and we’ll continue with…..this game is gorgeous, but good gawd….if the jaggies were cleaned up and shown in HD? Would be glorious. Seriously, to quote the guy on this week’s Giant Bombcast, even with the same assets. The graphics would just jump off the screen.

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GBU Game Review for Mass Effect 2 (Xbox360)

Right off the bat, I didn’t play the first game. So I can’t really compare, just mention differences I’ve heard. And two, this is one of my favorite games of the year so far. How much so? 10/10

The Good – From what I’ve read/heard/etc., everything that was wrong with the first game, is fixed here. Very simply, I found this game to be a ton of fun. So much that after I exhausted the 360 version, I started on the PC version, and I’m enjoying it all over again. Ok ok, enough with the gushing. It’s a sci-fi action rpg.

In classic Bioware form, you create a character, choose a class, then fall into a story backed by a deep story, dialog system, and in this game, real time action that I’ve compared to a lite version of Gears of War. Third person shooter action with a cover system, plus powers that are cool, numerous, and of course upgradeable. There’s an insane amount of missions, most of which are fun, and with the dialog system, determines if you’re a nice guy or a hard ass. You usually roll around with a squad of 2 other characters, who also are bad ass gun wielders with awesome powers. This combo makes for some deep action, yet it’s simple to get into.

The guys you recruit are all interesting, have their own good story, and all bring something different to the table. The graphics are damn nice, they keep a smooth framerate almost all the time with some gorgeous detail too. Sound design and music are also up there. Good surround sound and mostly good voice acting. All that with the tight gameplay makes for an awesome, highly recommended package.

The Bad – One of the optional things you can do in the game, mining, can be a slow, boring, grinding process. More so on the 360, you scan a planet while moving a cursor(probe) across the surface trying to get minerals so you can upgrade ship parts, weapons, etc. It’s incredibly slow and boring, but you don’t have to do it. It’s just that the ship upgrades can significantly alter the outcome of the game. The scanning is alot better on the pc version, you don’t have to move a slow cursor with a stick, you spin the planet with your mouse the way you’d spin a globe, it’s much faster.

Towards the end of the game, where things get really hectic, the 360’s framerate stutters quite a bit.

The Ugly – How unexpectedly cracked out I got with this game….there were times where 2, 3, even 4 hrs. of time would pass by while playing.

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Gears Of War 3 Trailer!

Post title sez it all. Gears Of War 3. April 5th 2011. Xbox360. Rawk.

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More Gears 3 Rumors *update* Drops 4/2011

We some Gears of War junkies round these parts….so when rumors for the next in the series pops up, roll dog drooling comes with the territory. Anyways, as my homie Jamie reported on awhile back, Unreal Engine 3 has been updated once again, this time allowing for some greener graphics. So, instead of staring at awesome lookin rocky vistas all the time, we might get some jungle style environments this time.

Not only that, rumors of underwater levels are starting to sneak around the water cooler. If we get said levels, for the love of god, please….DON’T SUCK! That’s just been our experience around here, everytime a great game decides to throw you into the depths for a level or two, they just muck up the works(see Kameo, and pretty much any Mario title). Anyways, here’s some of rumors courtesy of 1up and Kotaku.

“The first two Gears of War titles are known for their brown-gray color palettes, but the third edition apparently looks to be set during the summer. That means underwater locations, and potentially jungle and other foliage heavy locations as well.

The Locusts will be getting another upgrade as well, this time being able to use tentacles to knock players from cover. To counter, the protagonists will be outfitted with special explosives that can travel beneath the ground to enemy locations, as well as a heavy duty mech suit.”


On what? Kotaku reporting on the Xbox Live interface spilling the beans early, that’s what. Well, no details yet, but the rumored date is confirmed. Gears of War 3, Xbox360, April 2011….gotta wait a whole year, dayum :-\

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GBU Game Review for God of War III (PS3)

Finally, the long awaited end to the trilogy is here….how’s it hold up for me? 10/10….yeah I said it, deal with it.

The Good – Let me get this outta the way right now, no, this game is not perfect, nor is any game. The problem is, a lot of cats assume a 10 means just that, to them, I say grow up. Since no game is perfect, then what’s the point of the 10 score? I’m going go with how great I thought my experience was, however flawed it can be.

Continuing the Greek mythology themed story, God of War III picks right up where II left off….I would go into some story details, but my partner-n-crime is just about finishing II and I can’t go spoiling it for the homie. I will say this though, the first level in III has got to be one of the best first levels I’ve ever played, it couldn’t have left a better impression on me. Kratos is still the butt kicking spartan out for revenge, letting nothing stand in his way. The graphics are outstanding, definitely up there with games like Gears of War 2 and Uncharted 2. The way the camera swings in, out, and all about, all in real time without the action missing a beat….impressive indeed. This game sets a new standard for scale in boss fights, there are times where Kratos isn’t but a spot on the screen in comparison to what’s going on around him.

The gameplay sticks to the ‘if ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ formula. But they do add some very welcome tweaks and changes. The hack-n-slash fighting remains smooth, responsive, and as rewarding as ever. New moves, new ways of handling weapon switching with magic associated with said weapon, item use, etc, are awesome additions. I’ve always liked the GoW puzzles, but sometimes they took too long to figure out, everything flows much quicker, pushing blocks(or whatever) gets a speed boost, and rotating stuff is a lot more streamlined, just hit the R stick and Kratos quickly spins stuff himself. Fights are more epic, levels are incredibly huge, everything is just done better. I was also very satisfied with the outcome, though it may not be for everyone. In the end, for me, this is the cream of the crop for action games.

The Bad – If God of War 1 & 2 weren’t your cup of tea, then I don’t know why you’re reading this. This game won’t change your mind unless you REALLY like awesome graphics. There’s a couple of levels that don’t really match up with the insanity and impressiveness of the rest of the game.

The Ugly – Oh jeez, I can go anywhere with this….Kratos is on a mission to kill gods, and it wouldn’t be God of War if he wasn’t getting his way. The way he dispatches some of these guys, really push the gore factor in gaming.

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