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Adventure! San Diego Comic-con (Part 1)

Back from a long hiatus I proudly present my experience at the most of prestigious conventions, the San Diego Comic-con ’09.  I attended the convention from Thursday thru Saturday this year with my intention of seeing as many panels as possible and to walk the entire show floor, something I barely achieved last year. This entry is a brief overview of what makes the convention so attractive to the geek fan base that draws us in like flies to a bug zapper each year.

Understanding Comic-con

Before I dive right in on what I did at the Comic-con you must first understand a little history, which you quickly pick up your first time there. Although the convention is built primarily on Comics it also has the tendency to absorb pop culture that we geeks find entertaining. In essence it’s a place where seeing people in costumes walking by are greeted with smiles and compliments rather then the quick dismissal of disapproving eyes. Usually on Saturday evening the people who do dress up compete in a costume contest consisting of both individual and group entries, this contest is also followed by a Masquerade Ball where people can break out attempts at moon walking in a storm trooper costume. In essence it’s a geeks paradise in the lovely town of San Diego for 4 days a year.

Panels, Shwag and You!

One of the coolest parts of the convention is the panels. Panels are primary a group of directly connected individuals to a project such as actors and/or directors of a hit Scifi Tv series or a group of influential comic artists willing to lend a helping hand to future and upcoming comic book illustrators. With the convention picking gathering more and more population each year tv networks and game studio are attracted to the mass collective of geekdom which in turn provide attendees with Shwag or in simple terms free stuff!!! What does this mean for you? Companies trying to 1 up the next cause them to give out more and more desirable free stuff ranging from dvds to t-shirts and more.

Comic-con Exclusives!

With comics and superheroes come action figures and Comic-con offers attendee special Comic-con exclusive items! Weeks before the convention you can find an enormous list of exclusive items sorted by vendors. Some of the more popular ones such as Hasbro and Mattel offer the “chance” to pick up items only available at the show. For example this year I was able to acquire most of the exclusive items I wanted included an 18” Stay-Puff Marshmallow man “Angry Face Edition” bank and a “Retractable claw Special Edition Wolverine Might Mugg”. If you miss out on picking them up, fear not next year you can always check out the mass amount of vendors and for a price pick up what you missed the year before. To the action figure collectors out there, welcome to heaven.

Artists and Amateurs

Comic-con wouldn’t be anything without the artists that make our beloved comics and for fans of a specific artist you are almost guaranteed to meet up and strike up a conversation with them, please refrain from going fanboy it tends to freak some of them out.  Some of the artists even accept commission work to be done during the days of the convention, which if you have some cash handy can get you some very cool personally made artwork.

Because of the vast audience independently made comics and projects attending the convention allow for great exposure to fans and talent scouts. Although the booth may cost a little, nothing compares to the influence, exposure and feedback from the people who enjoy and respect your work.

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GBU for Advent Rising (PC , Xbox)


The first thing I am sure that comes to every ones mind is, “Advent What!?” And indeed you should. This game was released in 2005 by developer GlyphX Games and unfortunately is now present in the developers graveyard of games. I originally bought this game upon release but it can now be found on Steam for $9.99 thanks to publisher Majesco.

I wanted to review this game because it is one of my all time favorite games and one I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Its greatness can be truly found its script written by Orson Scott Card and Cameron Dayton. Orson Scott Card is well known in the Sci-fi novelist world for have written such great novels such as Ender’s Game, a fantastic book and highly recommended.

This is one of the only games I have sat and played through from beginning to end without stopping. Now on to the show!

Good: You play as Gideon Wyeth a space pilot who is charged, as well as his brother, with the duty to pilot a shuttle carrying human diplomats that will make first contact with the aliens on board their ship. Once they meet the aliens the say they came to warn the Human race that some bad bugger named Seekers are headed to wipe them out of existence. Unfortunately a warning too little too late because the Seekers succeed and Gideon as well as a few other are the last remaining humans. With the help of the good Aliens they help to unlock a hidden potential in humans that allow them to use special powers that humans have potential for but fell away from along ago in their forgotten history. Unlocking new powers and set on revenge this shit is about to get real.

This game is setup to be a 3rd person shooter with the ability to use a power or gun in either hand. In the PC version of this game Left clicking would fire the assigned power/gun to it and right clicking would fire its assigned power/gun. Gamers associated with the Diablo Series can quickly adapt and truly appreciate this setup allowing for a barrage of blaster fire and some power combos. As you progress through the game you are introduced to new powers and abilities which you then can level up the more you use them. Eventually you get so used to using only powers and the need of guns becomes irrelevant. The best power by far is introduced to you later in the game where once fully leveled you can slow down time and truly kick some bug arses.

The best part about this game is that graphically everything from the backgrounds to the use of the powers are quite beautiful and when paired with an amazing epic sounding soundtrack and script this game truly shines. You are left with an immersion into the story and just want to know what was going to happen next.

Bad: Sadly there are a few problems with this games that hinder its excellence. There was a few times when the bad guys beat the living crap out of me and no matter how many times or different ways of doing things differently be it leveling up a power for an hour just to loose it all cause I failed miserably. This caused anger and frustration, the  dark side definitely arose inside me something only I would wish upon my boss. Eventually I did progress but it wasn’t pretty…

This game came out in the times where games began to invoke choice systems, where one’s choice would influence the outcome of events yet to come. This game only has one key part that gives you this choice and having played through the game both ways the outcome doesn’t really changed anything at all, just simply who accompanies you along the way. Seeming to be a very important issue at the time it eventually just makes you feel like they could have done more with the decision making – story driven content the game barely provides. It appeared that they wanted to do more with it but had their efforts cut short.

Ugly: The very unfortunate and and worst thing about this game is that the other two games that were to follow were canceled leaving you with the thoughts of “WTF NOOOOOOO!” after being pulled into the story for so long. This game was even suppose to tie in with a comic book series but that too seemed to come up short as well because of the game being canceled and the company going the way of yoga. The game company and series has become one with the force…

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GBU for Damnation ( PC, 360)


Greetings! This is my first posting to MCC and I wanted to stick to the new tradition here and introduce a little about myself. My name is Mark aka Scotrun or Ziggie to my friends. I have been a gamer since I can remember and have loved them since my dad brought home a Commodore 64 from work one night. I play a lot of PC games but do enjoy the console life as well. I truly love the MMORPG genre and have played many including World of Warcraft, which I have been clean from for quite awhile now. Thank You : o) I enjoy all kinds of games from Shooters to RPGs and hope to share my perspective and love of games.  So here is my first review, enjoy.

This is the latest game release from Codemaster, makers of popular racing games such as Grid and Dirt. If you were fortunate to pre-order this game via Steam you also received another Codemaster’s classic called Second Sight, a very fun but slightly aged graphic engine type of 3rd person perspective game combing a shooter with using Psychic abilities. Although irrelevant to this game Codemaster puts a unique twist once again on a classic 3rd person view shooter by combing it with elements similar to those in the Prince of Persia series truly living up to its reputation as being billed “A shooter gone vertical”.


Good: Being a fan of tabletop RPGs I have enjoyed my fair share of genres including steampunk, a genre that this game allows for fans to play and in my opinion thoroughly enjoy. Graphically this game runs very smooth with great textures when run on high settings across the board. The levels are amazingly large with tall structures of factories one would commonly find in an industrial environment. Because of these large and high standing buildings the game truly shines in that you must climb, leap and maneuver your way among them while at most times fighting off a considerable amount of bad guys. The combat system works similar to those who are familiar with Grand Theft Auto versions for the PC, where right clicking draws your gun and left clicking allows you to fire. This style of aiming system allows you fire and kill enemies quickly while jumping from buildings or even doing it right after jumping through a glass window for a coolness factor. After 13 hours of game play later this game was definitely a fun catch. For fans of Prince of Persia style game play and puzzles along with steam driven weaponry it will surely hold your interest. Co-op players of the crowd there is a co-op mode but I have been unable to try it out as of late.

Bad: The unfortunate problem with these types of games is that jumping puzzles get repetitive and along with it comes boredom of figuring out the same puzzle, which this game unfortunately falls victim too. These sequences get split up with the addition to the shooter aspect of the game but this also becomes repetitive as well for you find yourself fighting more and more of the same quality AI. Another problem that is annoying is that you can only hold three weapons on you at a time. New weapons are available from the fallen bad guys as you move on your way; however, I found myself keeping to the weapons that were given to me at the beginning of the game because of the lack of ammo for the newer weapons. It was easier to keep my weapons then pick up the so-called upgrades.

Ugly: The only real thing I truly did hate about this game was the enemies always getting shotguns. I can’t even count how many time I jumped thru a window or jumped from a building only to get one shotted in the face by a surprise enemy.  They were everywhere! Behind corners, behind windows, even on the tops of ladder to shoot you square in the face. Beware of the shotgun barrel stare is all I got to say.

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