Viral Video Game Blog


We don’t hate you..just hate on you.

1.Jimmy Fallon

2.Star Wars Force Unleashed

3.Former Philly Mayor John Street

4.The hood rats beeping down your block at 2am.

5.Alexander Ovechkin’s Celebration

6.Seth’s 2nd round in Street Fighter 4.

7.The Common Cold (And it being cold)(And Cold Weather Flying)

8.Our Feed and it adding that damn Freddy Shirt image as text in it.

9. Drinking Jack Daniels on a Thursday night then doing a podcast.

10. After 1:30 April 13, 2009.

11. Because in this world, there are evil people who manipulate and do messed up things based off of the kindness of others. This. is one.

12. Season 5 lost ending. We hate you damn CLIFF HANGERS

13. The John Squire and Ian Brown Fued. Get over it y’all.

14. Oasis breaking up.

15. Super Mario Brothers Wii

16. People naming files SYC-TDU-STAGE-1

17. All the peoples plates we paid for at the wedding who bailed in the last week with no reason.

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