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More Gears 3 Rumors *update* Drops 4/2011

We some Gears of War junkies round these parts….so when rumors for the next in the series pops up, roll dog drooling comes with the territory. Anyways, as my homie Jamie reported on awhile back, Unreal Engine 3 has been updated once again, this time allowing for some greener graphics. So, instead of staring at awesome lookin rocky vistas all the time, we might get some jungle style environments this time.

Not only that, rumors of underwater levels are starting to sneak around the water cooler. If we get said levels, for the love of god, please….DON’T SUCK! That’s just been our experience around here, everytime a great game decides to throw you into the depths for a level or two, they just muck up the works(see Kameo, and pretty much any Mario title). Anyways, here’s some of rumors courtesy of 1up and Kotaku.

“The first two Gears of War titles are known for their brown-gray color palettes, but the third edition apparently looks to be set during the summer. That means underwater locations, and potentially jungle and other foliage heavy locations as well.

The Locusts will be getting another upgrade as well, this time being able to use tentacles to knock players from cover. To counter, the protagonists will be outfitted with special explosives that can travel beneath the ground to enemy locations, as well as a heavy duty mech suit.”


On what? Kotaku reporting on the Xbox Live interface spilling the beans early, that’s what. Well, no details yet, but the rumored date is confirmed. Gears of War 3, Xbox360, April 2011….gotta wait a whole year, dayum :-\

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Netflix streaming finally coming to PS3

For those that care that is… the looks of it, alot of you out there really do. Me, I always thought it was a cool option when it came to the 360, but as far as actually using it….meh…I prefer to BMI my stuff, or buy the BluRays. But on the real, it’s good to see it come to other platforms, and also gives us another cool thing to do on our expensive consoles. Some info from 1up….

“The service will arrive on the Sony console next month and will be free to PS3 owners who already subscribe to Netflix (or $8.99 a month for those who don’t) — and unlike on the Xbox 360, people will not be required to pay the equivalent of the yearly $50 Xbox Live Gold membership to access it.”

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Project Natal with new Xbox360? Not Bloody Likely!

Gaming news has a tendency of being a bit slow over the weekends(wait, they gotta relax too?).  But that didn’t stop 1up from reporting on a mini whopper of a rumor, that when Project Natal ships, it’ll be the equivalent of a new console launch for Microsoft, shipping with a slightly updated version of the Xbox360. Updated in that games may run in higher resolutions, better framerates, etc, of course those games would have to be programmed to take advantage of the new hardware. Well Microsoft debunked the rumor, I guess. They say Project Natal will work on all 360’s(durr). Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t package the two together and push it as another relaunch of the 360. I say another because when they came out with the NXE(New Xbox Experience) last year, they very much branded it as a relaunch, touting how it was the 1st time that hardware has been refreshed with new software(don’t you just love corporate hype?). I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a slim 360 sometime in the future, hey, how bout when Natal launches *sarcasm* :-p

No new Xbox for you!!

No new Xbox for you!!

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Commenters on 1up

Peep this dude,wyldekat in this 1up post. 12th poster down. He’s so real he has to keep it real in the Virtual World. I mean dude I can just see the arms flailing around, going higher and higher to his chest with each sentence

He’s leaning in towards you tilting his head each time he ask’s a question that he doesn’t intend to have answered.

“got it?” (yeah dog I do, keep spitting),
“do you?”, (yeah keep on dog)
Then he pounds his chest like a gorilla
“tell that to your mamma.” (word)

Then he tosses you away like the Virtual Punk you are leaving you with a 12 pixel hand slap across the face left only seeing his crew and their backs walking away.
“get over it.
aint changing shit.


I submit a live version of homeskillet I found.

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