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World of Warcraft Taking The Addicts Money Yet Again.

Sit back ladeeeez and gentleman because Blizzard is here to feed your sick addiction. Not only do they get a monthly rent from you NOW you can start to make your character that much more epic with your own money (or normal depending on the amount of addicts on your realm).  You can BUY with REAL MONEY a mount in game. The in game pet I wasn’t too keen on, that’s kind of silly to blow your money on something you can’t even u-s-e in any way other than vanity,  so I suppose this is not so much of a surprise as the next step in progression. But still it’s just so odd.

To what end will this stop? On one hand as a business man I applaud the insane profit they just made in a 48 hour span. 25$. TWENTY FUCKING FIVE dollars for a mount and 10$ for a in game PET. Knowing the 10 million (more like 4) of that 1 to 2% will buy this.  2% of 10 million is 200,000. Times that by 25 and you get a cool >5< million. Nearly all of that is profit. No inventory cost just the time spent designing which cant be anything more than a hundred or so man hours.So now you can gift it to your 300 pound gf in Missouri, you know the one you never met but saw dancing in some captial city. guessed it the one who is a Night/Blood Elf.

In another sense it’s just like DLC for games, the whole Horse Armor thing for Oblivion (we know how well that went over), for just 4 more hours of game play. Does that equate in essence to the mount? Maybe. But this just ride around. With Fallout 3 dlc I can at least actually DO something with it. Like kill MOAR zombies. Which is great in most any situation. I dunno, what do you think? Am I being insane? Am I freaking out a little too much over something so trivial? Do I really need to champion for the addicts of World of Warcraft’s?

get at me.

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